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   IGN: LiVe$FuN  s7                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Hi, we need updates on our character. With max levels including forging of all gears and level , every items we collected are gone into waste. Selling items is not useful because our gold is also at max. I suggest that we have an exchange site for our max items to something useful for us or any rare items. Like wormogs armor to warden mail or whisperer to infinity edge. Rare items include skill books devastate, tough skin and others. With your new 10 new mounts its a sign of progress that you are doing everything to come up with something new. But still we need update on our own character. So we can be actively be online and keep us busy doing something. Thank you.     




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Thanks for your advice,I'll report it.




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Sometimes we have equipment and weapons that we do not need, and it would be great if we can exchange them for others necessary. It's great that there are master thesis writing service like this where people can comment and be read by other players and game creators.




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