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2 year ago Last Post by Chris(11 months ago)
kitwritten 2 574 Chris 01/17/2017 01:24
Server Down!
Hi this FLARE777 from server 21, 

me and my guildmates (from server 2, 15 and 18) have been unable to log in for over 2 days now.

We got the exact same problem as players from server 1 had one month ago. (stuck at 98/13 %).


1 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(1 months ago)
Anonymous27820112 2 110 Kitwritten 10/15/2017 20:19
Can't Kill Monster Hi
i can't kill mosnter in BOSS rush
and the time is 00.00 but the game not reset,like tartarus and other
is the game will closed ?

id : Darkfalcon
Server : Skull's State 36

2 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(2 months ago)
Yogi 2 102 Kitwritten 10/09/2017 04:05
Boss Rush, Arena, Cursed Palace ,etc dont work

1.  Boss dont take damage and mp doesnt regenerate,  

2.  neither party takes damage in Arena

3. Monsters die but dont regenerate in cursed palace

4.  monsters dont take damage in Team chalnge or defense or in treasure palace, goddess guardian or infernal pal

2 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(1 months ago)
anonymous11084312 25 255 Kitwritten 10/15/2017 20:20
cant log in game

hi :)

i cant go in the game, it doesnt load. is there a bug or something? s1[picture]

3 months ago Last Post by anonymous10394787(24 minute ago)
Nesa 24 529 anonymous10394787 12/13/2017 05:56
[resolved] imposible login with facebook

hi all

Hello everyone
I am a member of the 75th Lords Road.
Since last night, many of my colleagues play, are unable to enter the same.
All of them with the game account linked to Facebook.
Are you aware of this?
It is impossible to practically enter to play,
a greeting

4 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(4 months ago)
Anonymous27831146 1 189 Kitwritten 07/21/2017 11:22
EVENT HALL We are missing the EVENT HALL in Lords Road sever s78 maple crest.Is there a reason its gone? 5 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(1 months ago)
Anonymous27900506 12 394 Kitwritten 10/30/2017 19:29
[resolved] missing mail

last time i was on i entered lottery it was in May before i had an operation.1st time back and no mail about outcome

please help

Clyde s47

5 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(5 months ago)
clyde 1 139 Kitwritten 06/26/2017 23:14
Cant switch my email to AMZ

I'm s79.Niko

I try to change my account from y8.com (sign in by ID Net) to AMZ and I get error: it said something like passport id and I cant sign in at AZM site by my new email.


It said I success to create an account


but cannot verify my account

5 months ago Last Post by Niko(5 months ago)
Niko 2 153 Niko 06/26/2017 00:20
Can't recharge t hrough Paypal I have been having issues with recharge through PayPal.  It says it's complete, yet it's pending on server....what is going on? 6 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(6 months ago)
Redwolfe 6 195 Kitwritten 06/11/2017 23:17
[checking] infinity tower's blitz bugged

iam lvl 50 and vip lvl 4 and infinty tower blitz timing still normal !! it says instand blitz at vip lvl 2 

i think its bug in my account


6 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(6 months ago)
Mo7a 4 287 Kitwritten 05/30/2017 10:49
Bad Player

Player breaking rules


8 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(6 months ago)
Anonymous27001260 6 452 Kitwritten 05/29/2017 23:05
[resolved]s79 common bugs

Hi amz, hope all of you have a nice day. I come from server 79 and I'm s79.Niko, come here with 2 bugs I found out on my server.

The first bug is monsters in Cursed Palace. When I go on afk mode my character attacks monsters and for a while, a monster gets bug and he is still standing there

8 months ago Last Post by Sylar(8 months ago)
Anonymous27484402 1 146 Sylar 03/31/2017 03:46
[reported] Weekly Special Not Working

4th day in for Week Special, but it won't let you buy any feathers. Server is Bull's Empire.


8 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(8 months ago)
anonymous11157915 1 158 Kitwritten 03/28/2017 05:16
[reported]s79 event bugs

Hi im s79. Niko from server 79 come to post 2 bugs in event today. (screenshot pics below)

The first one is Lucky Day event. I clicked to buy, instead of spending 20 diamonds for 60 mount jewels, it showed I had bought 60 jewels with 100 diamonds (lost 100 diamonds for only 60 mount jewels)

9 months ago Last Post by Sylar(9 months ago)
Anonymous27484402 1 155 Sylar 03/14/2017 03:50
Problems with Ranking system

I will put only ss, because all players can see this bugs.

First ss - click here

Second ss - click here

Third ss - click here

9 months ago
Anonymous27539482 0 87