Lords Road bug and problem report from s79.BekBekLV


13:49 03/18/2018


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1. No rewards from Chaos VS - thread
2. No events

3. Team Dungeon => Team Challenge/Team Defense

3 player limit not always working

4. Problems with Daily tasks

*) hatched 10 pets 

*) you done daily task: 5 attempts for hatching your pets 5/5

*) loged out

*) come back and saw that daily task is not done - 5 attempts for hatching your pets 0/5. But free hatching attempts run out, gold was used. It's mean that need spend more gold.

Sometimes this problem are with pets, mounts (maybe with goddess too, I can't remember).

5. Team Dungeon => Team Defence

From 1 challenge got x3 reward (3 messages in one time).

I done challange, shown Victory! Challenged successfully! I made click on OK... Then I got windows where are Exit and second windows with message that I already accepted. But its ok, I clicked 3 times OK and it disapeared, then clicked Exit. And i got 3x rewards from 1 challenge :)

6. With Kings Bounty all is okey?

4 players, 4*4*13=208 chests. From 208 chests we (4players) get 7 keys and 3 thieves (2+2+2 keys).

Really? From 208 chests we got 7 keys and 3 thieves!

How works random or % in this event?

7. Arena => Activities

1) When Dragoo or Serjoga are in attacking position, then in arena activities showing ---> You vs Ida·Alma.

I tried to find s79.Ida·Alma, but got "The player doesn't exist!" 

2) I have problem, that in this activities does not show who challenges me. Just showing what I've been challenging. But I will try clean my cache/cookies 

8. Still have mystical in rank system => thread

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gee bek, you trying to make me cry with such a detailed report.....

I have passed the thread on because its easier to do that, with the information that there are other threads connected to it..... thanks for taking the time to report all the issues




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