Add more levels to Infinity Tower


07:03 02/28/2016


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I'm sure many of the other characters on other servers feel the same way who have reached level 100 and have to wait weeks on end just to make ONE new jewels of whatever they get first from Infinity Tower. I personally am the only character on s44 to reach level 100 and currently need to make level 8 jewels and its taking a ridiculous amount of time since the highest level jewel you can get in it is level 3. I feel you need to add another hundred stages and make the jewels go up to at least level 5 or 6 for the players who are higher level. I played wartune and they did this and it worked fairly well in my opinion and can work here too.
All I'm saying is that level 100 and level 3 jewels are not enough for when you need to make level 7+ jewels. Please look into making another 100 levels for tower.




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