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CoE maintenance 26th july

In order to keep CoE running smoothly and to add new events that will run during the week, we will be having our weekly maintenance today 26th july from 02:00 to 04:00 EST / 06:00 to 08:00 UTC+1.

To improve your gaming experience and update the games, there will be a maintenanc

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CoE Maintenance Announcement of Each Thu
Maintenance Announcement of Each Thursday
May 25th, 2017 - 02:36 EST

Dear players


In order to keep CoE running smoothly and to add new events that will run during the week, we will be having a weekly maintenance on Thursdays of each week from 02:00 to 04:00

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Chronicles of Eidola S1 Arrow Fury (US E
Chronicles of Eidola S1 Arrow Fury (US East) Coming Soon
April 20th 2017 at 9.00 (EST)

Dear all,


We are thrilled to announce that the Open Beta Server - S1 Arrow Fury (US East) will be launched on 20th Apr. 2017 at 9

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The FB event for naming of server 13 has

The FB event for naming of server 13 has ended.

Congratulations, s1.DilBert got the winning reward,

s2.Stacey Miller, s5.Anna s5.Azure and s9.Centuros got the participation rewards. Rewards will be sent to your mail later, remember to collect them. Thanks for your partic

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Event Compensation Announcement

We are very sorry to inform you that some items in recent recharge and consume events, are not able to be used. But please don't worry these items will be able to be used in the next version. We will give some compensation to you and we will change the rewards of those events

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2nd may CoE Update

Dear players, 

we are pleased to share the update dates with you.

1. Event time line:  we have checked and fixed some reported bugs with the events. They should run correctly now.

2. Display issues such as words running too long. We will continue to check to ma...
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CoE S2 Hunters Moon (US East) 4th May. 2

Dear all,


We are thrilled to announce that the New  Server – S2 Hunters  Moon (US East) will be launched on 4th May. 2017 at 9:00 AM (EST). You should never miss this great opportunity to have fun and get bountiful rewards. We welcome all of you to join

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Happy Teachers` day! Facebook event

NOTE: The event is a Facebook event, please post on our AMZ CoE Facebook page

Facebook Fan Page:

Hi Heroes,

Happy Teachers` day! That`s right, today is the day.

May be we don't all have a story as

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Anyone else getting VPN error on US serv

Logged on and did my daily dungeons, then when I received an SOS attempted to help and it went straight to a white screen that said VPN error.  Now I cannot log on at all.

I have limited time to play and now I won't be able to at all.  

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Merge or make crystal xserver
Server 11 is dead, we are not enough ppl to make crystal event, either u merge us or make the event xserver cause this is riddiculus 4 year ago 993 Views / 113 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31910503(3 months ago)
clan boss bug

me and my clan leader decided to open clan boss for the 2nd time in 1 day, suddenly his player got bugged and got disconnected from the event..he tried participating again but it just says "clan boss daily limit 2 times".

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$ CASH $ Server Merge and Investment

Hi there

I joined the Game not long ago .

I want a clear statement here whats going on ...  because i dont have a problem to invest in Chronicles and build a Super Spa for all the remaining players on Server 19 BUT i have to say one thing and i really also send this

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Okey soo now me and many ppl has been waiting and supported the game for a long time with only promises of an update that seems never to come. Can you be polite and give us an answer to what will happen to this game? I for one has 87k in unspent Diamonds and have recharged alot in the waiting for th 3 year ago 1603 Views / 28 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31895463(1 year ago)
CoE, are you dying?
Its been long time no new feature on CoE. No active Vet or GM on server. No upgrade. I doubt if you the devs are still working on this game. Please let us know what will be the fate of this game before we left the game and game dead just like your other games. Thank you. 4 year ago 1266 Views / 11 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31893325(1 year ago)
Multiple Characters


I would like to know the views of AMZ on the use of multiple characters.

I use Bek Bek on S79 as an example,he has multiple characters and is using them in things like kings bounty to enhance his main character. He does this by making sure his main character gets to kill the thiev

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How do I change my name here?
It's coming up with the generic username. I already changed it in my profile and it hasn't updated or anything.
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Formation in Array

Hello all. I have a problem with Formation in Array. I don't know how I shuold position my Heroes. 

I have three red Heroes: Lancelot, Leonidas I and Geraint. 

And I have twenty two orange Heroes: La Hire, Sulla, Desiderius, Seleucus I, Sobekneferu, Boudica, Sc

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CoE Arcane and Mount Skill - How it work

Hi bros I'm Niko, today I will explain about Arcane and Mount Skill - how it work. This is for the best damage you can make to a target. 

First, let's start with the definition of Arcane.


As the picture above, you can see there is 3 types of Arcane: Infernal (oran

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CoE Tips on Gate-Crasher

Hi you bros, I'm Niko and I have a simple tips on killing Gate-Crasher. In a normal way, we invite friends to help because we can't beat the GC, what if we don't have any friends online?

GC will be level up if you spend 3 attempts on it and it got killed (kill on your own without any help),

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Eidolon Breakthrough

Hi bros it's me again Niko, today we will discuss about Eidolon Breakthrough

First is requirements

- Must have same kind of Eidolons. 

- Must evolve to Superior.

Now I will make an example Young Galahad

Same kind of Eidolons mean the same name and same stars

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Ultimate guide for power
Hi, here my guide at this time, will refresh it with your comment :)

Please vote for me to support &007&
Serveur 19 EU - EDEA



Lazy Marchant : Not same timer for all people. Have see only one per day for the moment.
Pop and stay 1hour.
Very Rare buy...
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Building a good formation

Now the trick to CoE is to learn about each eidolan

So lets start by looking at the formation system as thats the basis of combat.


5 slots per formation except for level 90 when you unlock all of the slots in a single formation

The formation

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How to reclaim Young Galahad?
I need him to claim Temple...

Claim is greyed out, and there's a picture of a lv. 0 red manticore..

If the answer is "get that" then, how do I do that? :)

Don't tell me there's no way to do this! Please?

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Formation Level 30-35 (Begginer) / 36-85

Make an initial Formation to reach level 36 without spending many souls in vain is difficult for most players.

The Problem of spending souls without a purpose appears when the Player opens a hero stronger than the current hero in use and to increase the level of new character he sacrifices

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CoE Arcane Combat System

CoE Combat system


The COE combat system  is very simple and straight forward if you are going to use the auto combat button, you just click and forget.



But for those that like more control over their combat. You have the 3 A

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CoE Guide on House Pets

This guide will be about pets as a whole. Due to editing restrictions of the current forum, the guide itself will be posted in the subsequent post(s) since the guide is a work in progress and will have additional information added/corrected as I work through the other parts of the pets.

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CoE Mounts

CoE Mounts can be found by clicking on the Mount icon at the bottom of the game screen.


There are different types of mounts.

Some are unlocked by upgrading mounts, some are unlocked by the use of scrolls and some are unlocked as part of the election syst

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CoE Clan Overview

Clan is where players get together and live as their family. A clan can give you rewards, help, fun time together and keep you get interesting in the game.

Now we will start discovering more about Clan!!


Clan basic information

- Clan can be found at [picture]

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CoE Triggering Arcane Skills

Arcane Skills


All Eidolons have an arcane skill, which is a special skill with an orange/gold border around it. The effects of those skills vary between Eidolons. The arcane skill system itself can be equated to playing a matching game: select the same energy type as

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CoE fomations

The CoE formations are a 9 square layout that contains formations that are unlocked as you level up your character.


Begining with the basic formation. Players can choose the placement of their eidolans within the unlocked squares.


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CoE home.

The home icon can be found at the bottom of the screen at the right.

Items that are produced, are color coded, starting with white, green and blue, blue items are worth more than white items but do cost more in resources to make.

White are also primary items. IE you make leathe

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CoE events system

CoE features a number of different types of events, most of them are listed in the top row of icons at the top of the screen


STAGE is the area for Guild Battle, Stadium, Skirmish, campaign and Gauntlet ( some names may be incorrect )


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Number of Vials

Hi I'm Niko from server 21. I can only throw maximum 20 vials and it means only 20 clanmates can take it meanwhile my clan has 24 members, in future it will get upto higher than 24 and some of them can't take my vials.


And I know I can throw 5 times but when I throw again I

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The servers are running out of players b

My Nickname is Juggernaut.

I play on the server 16 Llanmerlin.

The server opened June 4 at 9 hours with some players as expected. The first day was great had many players to face in PvP To create friendships and create clans. But on the second day about 60 percent of the players migra

4 year ago 2191 Views / 29 Last Post by Anonymous31855017(5 months ago)
autorun to next quest

Please turn off the autorun to the next quest.... 

1. if u gain a level it doesnt mean your strong enough to beat the next level of quests...

2. after every quest on the quest board it automatically runs an jumps into that quest an its very annoying....

thank you for

4 year ago 995 Views / 3 Last Post by Anonymous31901411(5 months ago)
Shop I hope the items in the shop will change... this is only my suggestion,,, need new items...
4 year ago 873 Views / 3 Last Post by Anonymous31903213(11 months ago)
Looking for events Hi devs I wonder where is events give bonus exp to mount, bolster, gem combine and enchant. 4 year ago 1651 Views / 8 Last Post by Anonymous31895463(1 year ago)
Game Suggestions

I am coming from Dragon Blood, a very much p2w game. I've seen them evolve and how/why they aren't what they used to be. Most of my gaming experience comes from actual PC MMOs dating back to before Ultima Online.

VIP Levels & Incentives

We all know you are a company

4 year ago 1630 Views / 18 Last Post by Anonymous31849027(2 year ago)
Inactives in spring/pool would it be possible to make a timelimit maybe 24h for being in a pool, seems the big pools getting filled with inactive players and when they arent online they cant be kicked out by owner, so a automatic cleanse from developers would be much appriciated
4 year ago 1070 Views / 4 Last Post by Anonymous31457580(3 year ago)
When is the level cap being increased? My question is when will the level cap be increased.  I am looking for an answer like 1 month, 2 months, 3 months not it is in a update which is still being worked on.  Just looking for concrete  time table as to when the game is getting updated.   4 year ago 1118 Views / 2 Last Post by Anonymous31230084(3 year ago)
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Can't login to S3

I get this


4 year ago 610 Views / 11 Last Post by Anonymous31890471(1 weeks ago)
¿Game error? Well, I have my PJ on S21 Emrys (US East) and when I join the game, the screen go black (the game screen) and I cannot interact with the options, like the daily event's and that things. please give me a solution 'cuz I want to play again!!! Thanks [picture] 3 year ago 792 Views / 17 Last Post by Anonymous31917865(2 months ago)
several games no loading

ok, so 2 games are not starting:

- chronicles of eidola

- elysian war

the other games are working fine.

for some reason the website is not reachable.

flash is working and my internet connection is fine too.

I only have adblocker, but even w

2 year ago 741 Views / 9 Last Post by Anonymous31907431(4 months ago)
[resolved] Activity bar completed since

Like the tile said, it didn't reset my activities bar so i can get any reward for any thing i've done so far, not summoning, not arena, boss, crystal, anything. Everything shows as completed.

Is annoying because i'm loosing a lot of gifts that by now should be 50 and be able to do my team b

4 year ago 904 Views / 17 Last Post by Anonymous31895463(1 year ago)
[Resolved] Crystal Relay

I went to enter Crystal Relay it started to load, but then the screen goes black and I get an error box "Server Connection has been cut off, Please Refresh the game"


4 year ago 811 Views / 6 Last Post by Anonymous31849027(2 year ago)
[checking] Mount Skill Bug

Mount lv 9 Doing 10K 14K dmg

Please Repair this:


4 year ago 820 Views / 3 Last Post by Anonymous31624668(2 year ago)
Gate-Crasher Bug

When attacking GC my Eidolon Mordred suddenly fell off and died



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bug de connection avec facebook sur fels

bonjour , j'ai voulu deco reco sur le jeu cette nui vers 2 H du mat  je n'ai pas pu me reco 

quand je passe par le site amz games et que je clique sur l'icone facebook pour conecter mon compte la page de conection facebook s'ouvre et un carré avec ce message s'ouvre par dessus :

4 year ago 1009 Views / 2 Last Post by Anonymous31470670(3 year ago)
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