Formation in Array

Hello all. I have a problem with Formation in Array. I don't know how I shuold position my Heroes. 

I have three red Heroes: Lancelot, Leonidas I and Geraint. 

And I have twenty two orange Heroes: La Hire, Sulla, Desiderius, Seleucus I, Sobekneferu, Boudica, Sc

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CoE Tips on Gate-Crasher

Hi you bros, I'm Niko and I have a simple tips on killing Gate-Crasher. In a normal way, we invite friends to help because we can't beat the GC, what if we don't have any friends online?

GC will be level up if you spend 3 attempts on it and it got killed (kill on your own without any help),

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Eidolon Breakthrough

Hi bros it's me again Niko, today we will discuss about Eidolon Breakthrough

First is requirements

- Must have same kind of Eidolons. 

- Must evolve to Superior.

Now I will make an example Young Galahad

Same kind of Eidolons mean the same name and same stars

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Formation in Array

Hello. I have a problem with my formation in Array.

I have three red Heroes: Leonidas I, Lancelot and Geraint

and I have seventeen orange heroes: La Hire, Sulla, Desiderius, Seleucus I, Sobekneferu, Boudica, Scipio Africanus, Brutus, Fulvia, Artaxerxes, Clovis I, Sh

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CoE Arcane and Mount Skill - How it work

Hi bros I'm Niko, today I will explain about Arcane and Mount Skill - how it work. This is for the best damage you can make to a target. 

First, let's start with the definition of Arcane.


As the picture above, you can see there is 3 types of Arcane: Infernal (oran

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Ultimate guide for power Hi, here my guide at this time, will refresh it with your comment :)

Please vote for me to support &007&
Serveur 19 EU - EDEA



Lazy Marchant : Not same timer for all people. Have see only one per day for the moment.
Pop and stay 1hour.
Very Rare buy...
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Formation Level 30-35 (Begginer) / 36-85 (Veteran) / 90 (Mas

Make an initial Formation to reach level 36 without spending many souls in vain is difficult for most players.

The Problem of spending souls without a purpose appears when the Player opens a hero stronger than the current hero in use and to increase the level of new character he sacrifices

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How to open 4 Heroes 4 stars in 8 days? TUTORIAL

S16 - Juggernaut

Clan: Abyss

Step One: First and Second days

Don't devour any beginner hero

Evolve all beginner heroes to level 20-30

Evolve to level 40 only heroes 3 stars

Step Two: Third and Fourth days

Open the temple Heroes and save the 

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How to reclaim Young Galahad? I need him to claim Temple...

Claim is greyed out, and there's a picture of a lv. 0 red manticore..

If the answer is "get that" then, how do I do that? :)

Don't tell me there's no way to do this! Please?

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Building a good formation

Now the trick to CoE is to learn about each eidolan

So lets start by looking at the formation system as thats the basis of combat.


5 slots per formation except for level 90 when you unlock all of the slots in a single formation

The formation

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