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Now the trick to CoE is to learn about each eidolan

So lets start by looking at the formation system as thats the basis of combat.

5 slots per formation except for level 90 when you unlock all of the slots in a single formation

The formation you are facing in different areas like stadium and gauntlet will tell you a lot about the level of opponent in NPC battles. It will not tell you as much against a player opponent.

The first unlit formation is level 50, so if I face a opponent with that formation, I know they are level 50 or higher

The most common thinking is to put the defensive / tank at the front, the hitters in the middle and the healer at the back. It is also one of the most flawed types of thinking in gaming.

The best formation is one that counters or targets the opponents formations weaknesses... for that we need to under the eidolans skills

Penetration: It means to be able to attack and ignore the first or second target in the formation, in some cases it may even give the ability to ignore part or all of the shield or defensive abilities of the target

Def= Defensive / tank....... a mistake that some people make is that they always need a tank, they do not.... bosses like world boss and clan boss do very little damage, so you want your best hitters in a formation for bosses. you also do not need a healer.

FR, MR AoE and BR AoE: AoE is Area of Effect. They are best used against formations that have 2 or more eidolans in the middle or back row.

FR= Front Row, MR=Middle Row and BR= Back row

There is also AoE eidolans like Merlin that are just AoE, it means that they can hit the whole group.

Atk lowest HP / highest speed unit : this is pretty clear, they will attack a specific eidolan in a formation, based on speed or HP level. While that does not seem to be much of an ability, you can use eidolans to * spy * on the other team in battle by working out what eidolan has the highest speed and using a eidolan that has the chance to stun.

Invoke: they create a mini me version of themselves. it is handy for distraction and helping waste other eidolans attacks.

Now I am going to use some of my own formations to give you an idea about setting up a formation

This is a boss kill formation. It is my formation #5

The attack order is this

Back row: Baldur, with a back row AOE attack

Middle row left: Sigurd hits middle row AOE

Middle row right: Alexender the great. Middle row penetration

Middle Row center: Huntress atalanta with a 3 target attack

Front row  cerebus with a column penetration but also a shield that can heal part of his HP

This build is also effective in stadium against healer and tank formation, some levels in quantlet and I have also used it in arena ( top 20 area )

Unless a opponents team gets the first round of hits, I am going to open up hardcore on their middle and back rows, often taking out their invokes, healers and hitters and heavily weakening their team

now Team Battle is different, I perfer to solo it so I build a team around that crazy way of playing the game.

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In team battle, running solo means that I need to consider my placement of my eidolans.

Now the team is created with hitting in mind but one minor difference, I have perseus at front row right and that is because most of the attacks will target him.

Yes the team is not as effective and hard hitting as my boss kill team and this team does take 2 minutes longer to solo team battle than my boss kill team.

This is a classic formation layout

Defense in the front, hitters in the middle, healer at the back

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  • Ikke my formation works in all events aoe from merlin persus tank sigurd for poison hebe for singel target high dmg and cerberus also dmg

    04/28/2017 04:56