My understandings about the mount skill makes 15k damage


09:19 06/30/2017


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Recently I've noticed about the elusive problem which some players reported about the mount skill of opponent in Arena. It is said that when you are in Arena facing an opponent, her/his skill always make 15k damage while your skill is only 5k. So I've been working on discovering about this (not as much as I can totally understand about it, but I think this is not a bug =>> we can only convince AMZ to update, improve or change)

The first reason is you can switch to manual mode whereas your opponent can't:


What I mean is: you have higher chance to win the battle because you can predict which type of Arcane his/her is going to use. Also higher chance to cast Mount Skill (your Arcane overpowers his/her's Arcane). So my conclusion is the system tries to balance the battle between your character and your opponent's character by adding higher damage to the skill.

The second reason is CoE is still a new game:

That explains our server does not have many players =>> the bots will join the Arena too, so that they will make a little challenge for you to climb the Arena rank.

The final reason is the Arcane system work:

This is not a convincible reason but I think I need to work more on this to find out whether we can also cast 15k damage.


Beside, I think once I could make the skill to 15k (don't remember exactly why or I made a mistake in looking 15k instead of 5k)

That's all for my post, let me know what you bros thinking and understandings so that I get more help in figuring out this problem.

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This makes sense. I wish AMZ would have an official explanation.
  • Jay_BRgaming they just wanna say a strict comment about it and another lesson for it >.<

    08/06/2017 07:16




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We do plan to put bots in the arena because we already have a lot of complaints about bots in the game. The problem is if we remove the bots there is nobody to compete again

We are looking into the bot issue to see if we may need to lower the bots down to match the way that players are building their characters, the majority of characters are only using what is visible to them, such as aiming for 5 stat eidolans, mounts and ignoring boosts, gems etc.

I have already explained that the system manages the opponent in the arena.




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