The servers are running out of players before 7 days


15:53 06/09/2017


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My Nickname is Juggernaut.

I play on the server 16 Llanmerlin.

The server opened June 4 at 9 hours with some players as expected. The first day was great had many players to face in PvP To create friendships and create clans. But on the second day about 60 percent of the players migrated to the new server S17 Alderley. Dramatically reducing the competitiveness of the S16 server. And every day that passes more and more players will cease to participate in the daily events. Little competitiveness in PvP.

This difficult to find friends to make battle of groups and arrange good active members for the clan boss fight. Because of the creation of servers day after day will be necessary to join servers that do not have a week of activity. To resolve the problem will need to give a 7-day delay for each new server that opens.


Today opened the server S19 Hentland on June 7th.

A week's break.

S19 wins maturity.

7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13,...
S20 Juggernaut will be launched on June 14th at 9 hours.

I hope I have contributed to the developers for better gameplay for all my fellow players.

May the Force be with you!!




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In my opinion, to create too many servers besides being laborious causes fewer players to pay recharges

It's not worth putting recharge in the game and having no one to compete

It would be more beneficial for everyone if you give a server time to stabilize your community

Players after 7 days
After gaining experience in the game and already having an account level 45 will think twice before migrating to a new server

Possibly only those who are extremely weak will migrate

Imagine players who started delayed 2 days paying fortunes to reach the top 50

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I am going to address this....

the issue is that players do not see the long term effects of their suggestions where as the game staff and the devs do......

1) Yes, delaying the server opens by 7 days, MAY increase player retention but if you have 10 servers and you put them in cross server, you have a 70 day difference between the 1st and last server..... resulting in immediate player responses as such WTF were you thinking ? do you guys even know how to run games.

2) merges..... read 1) again.

3) the issue we have is that we can open a server, a player rushes in to spend to vip 4-6 so they get the best run up in the game, other players say to hell with this, we can not compete with that, new server opens and we are off.... player says HEY AMZ wake up, the players are jumping servers because you are opening servers, can you not see what is happening.... its all your fault......

4) the slower the server openings, the more a game can seem like its not really attracting player interest.....but player logic is that we do not care about the players, only opening servers to make money.....  ahhh LoA II does that, wartune does that, CoE does not do that.... the reason for so many servers opening so far is so we can get the cross server system in and test it..... player logic is we do not need 20 servers open to test a system that requires at least 15 servers, we can do it with 5 servers......

5) my fav..... players do not like the game, their friends are starting on a new server, they started a couple of days late etc, they could not get into the top guild.... they change servers... and that becomes AMZs fault that players do not stay on servers.....

The actual retention rate on mega game servers like wartune and LoA II, is about 6-8%, players have a expectation that our games should have a 60% retention.... and to be honest I have never seen a game ever hit that....  by gaming iindustry standards 14% is very high for player retention......

Your feelings and comments are valid, I am not dismissing them and since S1 opened, we have been constantly in contact with the devs and optimising the game but unfortunately, yes some things like 15 servers opening in a short time, had to be done so we can get on with cross server testing.... and in fact S20 and S21 have been opened early so we can test a different game set up to see if its better than the current one that is being used........its not possible to use the current 19 servers to test the set up without taking them offline and changing them over... which would be bad if the new set up is not as good as the old set up




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First of all what was posted by THE MAN is a bunch of bull, They have been doing this tactic for a long time

1) New Server tons of new players

2) The hierarchy appears tops player slots are filled

3) The general masses spend money to try and overcome said Hierarchy\

4) Little do they know that some of these are Plants by the company to act as bait

5)Spending drops off

6) New Server 2 opens

7) Players move over to new server leaving those who have a good investment in their chars behind

The cycle repeats itself

Thiis maximizes profit with the cost of servers these days they can put up infinite servers and at some point they merge some of the servers and keep going,

You got to realize that we are talking 1000s of players and if they make 20 bucks per player that is 20 000 dollars for little more than cloned versions of the game

Then once the game looses popularity they liscence it out to another company if not move it to one of their subsidararies. look at League of Angels for example




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Its almost as if you have copied and pasted from games over the last 20 years because its the same misinformation re posted from other game hosts so let me correct you on your mistakes

new server opens and players want to check out the game..... S1 is going to have the highest character creation of most of the first 10 servers, it will also have the highest player loss rate of most game servers... thats normal......its like xbox and PS4.... they will get immediate money from people that rush to buy at top price, then pay extra for the games.....  but the smart player that plays on their friends brand new xbox or ps4 is going to think how to get maximum benefit for less spending....

so no we generally do not wait 2-3 weeks to milk players then open S2.... the truth there is that US east makes the the largest group of players in online gaming so yes we need to open more US east servers and faster.... and also europe servers need to be opened because of the difference in time zones

Seeds on S1 ?? you are joking right ? S1 is generally player driven spending.... most game hosts will tell you that seeding is done on servers where the spending is lower than average, to encourage more spending on the server... NOT on servers with a higher than average spending.....

The preferred type of spending is long term continous spending by players on servers as that prolongs server life, not short term burst spending that sees a vip 8, 3-4 vip 6 and 20 vip 3-4 servers cos that creates a inbalance on the server that players generally tend to avoid because they can not compete against that spending...and because most cashers will aim to be in the top guild, that leaves little room for the vip 1-2 player and non cashing players to get a foot in the door.....that creates the dominating guild that owes in all guild events.....something that is common in online games.....

your thinking with the building up of infinite servers then merge and keep going... yeah thats true of LoA, LoA II wartune etc....... wartune we do not have here, LoA has 43 servers, LoA II has 60 servers..... but if you look at other game hosts like R2 games and GTArcade, they have the massive server numbers that you are talking about, not AMZ.... hence my remark about copy and paste statements from other games....

now the 1000s of players and if they make $20 per player, thats 20k for little more than cloned versions of the game ??

Are you posting this on your PC ? which is a cloned version of the first PC created, using software and hardware that is cloned multiple times, but you paid for it anyway because you wanted a PC or laptop.....

Lets ignore that part and move on to the closed version of games.... most games are clones of games, changed but yes still clones..... PVP is a clone of real life battles in arena, guild vs guild is a clone of real life tribal battles.... so yes games clone real life events... but there is only so many ways you can make a game.....

ahh I went off topic.......

We have developers that work on the game, now say they make a average 40K a year and there is 10 of them working on a game... that means that 400k has to be made to pay them... we are lucky in that we do not have to pay them that because thats the responsibility of the development company, not we pay them for their work on new content and updates.... so we may have to pay them 40k for the year for their work, so if we have 1000s of players and they spend $20 each, thats 20k..... and we are still short 20k... so this profit that we are apparently raking in, has not even been made yet......

Think of it this way, you have a job and you work, you do not have to generate the income for the company to pay you, the company has to generate the income to pay you in order for you to work at your job and help the company generate the income to pay you...... its the same with gaming... gaming has to generate the income to pay the developers to create the new updates and content that players will spend on, and generate the income that keeps the game running....

so we have to come up with the money in advance to pay the development company that borrowed or got funded to make the game.... but some how you think that we just host a game and roll in the money.....something that does not work at all... unless companies that have spent millions paying people to make games, that they have to sell to joe gamer in order to make money to cover the costs of making the game, are liars........

You work to get money to pay for your housing, food, clothing etc... so your own logic fails there.....your wages should be pure profit, you should not be spending money for what you want and need, and in doing so, paying other peoples costs and wages.....

as for losing popularity they license it out to another company or move it to one of their subsidaries ??? ahhh ok

You are aware that LoA, LoA and wartune etc originated in china, the English versions are translated versions of the game to reach a different market... ignore the fact that there is the cloned game remark failure there.....

Not everybody plays on the same game host so expanding the game reach can be beneficial to the game......

an example of that, is wartune, the rights to the north american market for wartune is owned by proficient city, NOT R2 games like players think... proficient city has 40 wartune servers, R2 games wartune has how many ??? a lot more than 40 servers......

so yeah..... when you copy and paste statements from other game sites that have been posted and reposted many times over the last 20 or so years, you are not saying anything new and in a lot of cases, making a fool of yourself by your lack of knowledge about gaming and how they work

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why we need another server if they give a new Event im tired playing flag conflict playing corridor defense 

we need new pls pls pls if you can work for it for almost 1 year i can wait but if you just snob .. did you think you have better idea than to create server??




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flag conflict and corridor defence are CoA events, not CoE game events