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¿Game error? Well, I have my PJ on S21 Emrys (US East) and when I join the game, the screen go black (the game screen) and I cannot interact with the options, like the daily event's and that things. please give me a solution 'cuz I want to play again!!! Thanks [picture] 3 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(3 months ago)
Anonymous29755020 2 106 Kitwritten 06/14/2018 21:50
black screen

Cant get in game. loding my 50 daily diamonds , plus cannt enter to do any events. please let us know whats up, been like this 2 days

7 months ago Last Post by Anonymous31470670(5 months ago)
Anonymous28792564 29 625 Anonymous31470670 04/24/2018 01:11
Language Problem

Hi there,

Could you inform me as to why i cannot change language to English on your new game ROG. 

Many thanks.

8 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(8 months ago)
Anonymous26577440 1 250 Kitwritten 01/21/2018 05:06
Friend list

my list of friends disappeared in Chronicles of Eidola, can this problem be fixed ??

S 20

8 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(8 months ago)
Anonymous29252696 1 208 Kitwritten 01/17/2018 20:32
Grail Challenge Championship is not starting

There should have been the Championship on S19 (Europe), but it didn't start. The reason should be the wintertime change in europe which took place in the night from 10/28 - 10/29. Since then the announcements for all daily events are not working properly and the event timer (for the next comming

10 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(10 months ago)
Anonymous29776538 1 186 Kitwritten 11/01/2017 01:11
Login Problem For the last couple of days every time I log into server 1 The screen is black and only a few buttons work like the daily login, but nothing else works. I cannot go to the home or hunt for onions or do any of the events. It also seems the chat is down. I just tried a different server and it seemed t... 10 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(9 months ago)
Anonymous20931892 14 529 Kitwritten 12/06/2017 23:05
Parlor Reset

Parlor Reset did not work today did not reset on server S20 my ingame name is Flisan 

everything els in game did reset but dont get points ore chests in Parlor.

trying to atatch screen shot but it freezes screen thene i try?

11 months ago Last Post by anonymous10153103(11 months ago)
anonymous10153103 3 278 anonymous10153103 10/08/2017 09:43
Not getting my Activity points in Parlor

Character: Kenneth Hoffman

Server: S15 Silver Chalice


I have completed close to all the Daily PArlor Quests, But I only have been given 10 activity points. I should have well over 150, which I need to open the chests, and get rewards. I dont know how long this have

12 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(11 months ago)
Anonymous29511420 1 259 Kitwritten 09/28/2017 02:50
Relic on/off? Isnt it possible to remove them again even that it say doubleclick to equip / unequip? at last Ive go an epic relic but cant put it on since my tank have som crap item from long ago? 12 months ago Last Post by Kitwritten(11 months ago)
Anonymous29522046 8 391 Kitwritten 10/24/2017 22:42
home stuck on level 12


For a while now my home has been stuck on level12,i kill gc's everyday and get the experience etc but nothing has happened to my home level. I realise as you get higher more is needed but the home has been stuck at level 12 for quite a while now. Hope it can be fixed,many thanks.[pictur

1 year ago
Anonymous26577440 0 131
Inactives filling spring/pool [picture]

have mentioned it before and posted a suggest too bout making a max time to be in a spring/pool, on the printscreen u see Black Star(3 month since on) lusnet(1 month since on) 

Madam (2 weeks since on) so 3 out of my 7 guest spots are always filled, since the pool is one of

1 year ago Last Post by Kitwritten(1 year ago)
Anonymous29522046 1 264 Kitwritten 09/01/2017 01:20
Gate-Crasher Bug

When attacking GC my Eidolon Mordred suddenly fell off and died



1 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31470670(5 months ago)
Niko 18 568 Anonymous31470670 04/24/2018 01:20
Problem with Training Grounds

Kabell - Server 1

The problem I have been encountering is in the home training grounds. I currently have 3 training slots unlocked, but it will only let me train 1 eidola at a time. 1 spot is locked and I can not remove the eidola that is training there even though its training time

1 year ago Last Post by Kitwritten(1 year ago)
Anonymous20931892 6 411 Kitwritten 09/05/2017 00:13
Muted without reason by Michel We have that france vet Michel on server 36.. and he seems mute players if we say he is doing wrong or as i did. told to him speak english on world chat..so he muted me and he have done this earlier with other players too. time to kick that guy in ass. 1 year ago
Anonymous26782590 0 153
formation went missing

S1character: Galadriel

when I logged in today, my main formation was empty and I had lost a lot of the gems attached to it I also seem to be missing a bunch of gems from my bag. what happened?

1 year ago Last Post by Kitwritten(1 year ago)
Anonymous28495416 1 252 Kitwritten 08/22/2017 23:17
lost formation when I logged on today, lost my everyday formation and a lot of mounted gems. also lost gems from my bag
1 year ago
Anonymous28495416 0 143