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23:34 08/05/2017


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Hi I'm Niko from server 21. I can only throw maximum 20 vials and it means only 20 clanmates can take it meanwhile my clan has 24 members, in future it will get upto higher than 24 and some of them can't take my vials.

And I know I can throw 5 times but when I throw again I have to spend more diamonds and whom which had taken my previous vials can take it again. I want to be fairly among my clanmates.

My suggestion is can you extend the number of vials equal to my clanmate member?




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The AMZ games forum is sharing the thread with the number of Vials along the login to reply. The profile of Niko has the 22 threads and 9 posts with best essay and knowing to throw 5 times and again have to spend the money with the section of clan mate.




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