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League of AngelsⅡ-Maintenance June 16th,
League of AngelsⅡ-Maintenance Announcement on June 16th,2017

Dear players , 

We are very sorry to inform you that all servers will have their maintenance on June 16th, 2017 from 02:00 AM to 08:00 AM (EST), 14:00 P.M. to 20:00 P.M. (HKT), 8

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Announcement of Releasing New Server - S
We are thrilled to announce that Swift Fury (US East) will be launched on 20th Dec. 2016 at 8:00 AM (EST). We welcome all of you to join this fantastic world.

Best Regards,  

LOA2 Ops Team 

Official Site: 

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Announcement of Releasing OB Server - [S
We are thrilled to announce that [S26] Alesia(Europe) will be launched on 4th ,Dec. 2016 at 15:00 AM (UTC) and [S27] Carrhae(US East) will be launched on 4th ,Dec. 2016 at 10:00 AM (EST). We welcome all of you to join this fantastic world .

Best Regards,  

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LOA2's update announcement 11.03

Update Scope: All Servers
Version: V1.3.10.0
Update time: 2016/11/02 (US East Servers from S1 to S28)   2016/11/03 (All Other Servers)

Advance Notice: Team Domination will run from November 4th to November 10th with the first 2 days being the Registration Stage.

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Announcement of Releasing OB Server - [S

We are thrilled to announce that [S10] Agincourt(Europe) will be launched on 26th Nov.2016 at 15:00 AM (UTC) and [S11] Crecy(US East) will be launched on 26th Nov. 2016 at 10:00 AM (EST). We welcome all of you to join this fantastic world.



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League of Angels II Mythic Fox the Ambas

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching! As love fills the air, League of Angel II has been busy preparing its grand Valentine’s Day Party. A mysterious and adorable new guest has just arrived on Sapphire! She has traveled all over the world and legend says wherever she goes, love is sure to b

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League of AngelsⅡ-Maintenance Announceme
League of AngelsⅡ-Maintenance Announcement on May 15th,2017

Dear players ,

We are very sorry to inform you that all servers will have their maintenance on May 15th, 2017 from 02:00 AM to 04:00 AM (EST), 14:00 P.M. to 16:00 P.M. (HKT), 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. (GMT)

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Announcement of Releasing OB Server - [S

Dear all

We are thrilled to announce that the Open Beta Server - S1 Twilight Shadow will be launched on 1st Nov. 2016 at 10:00 AM (EST). We welcome all of you to join this fantastic world.


We will close the Closed Beta server [S0] Dawns Light (US East) a

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Recharge issue

ok this has happened once before and you guys fixed it right away so lets hope its as speedy as before.  I recharged tonight and its been over 15mins and no diamonds usually get it in 10 seconds please help.


s33 crossroads

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always dc

why everytime i login always got dc every 5-10 mins at the cybercafe where i have been playing , but the connection is not disconnect  every1 who playing in the other game was already just me and my friends..

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LOA2 Link to Mall for Rose Wings

GM Fauna asked me for a screenshot, so here it is :)


Since you only get one piece of the outfit (or so i would think an outfit is both Suite and Wings)

You can only see the Suite and if you would think you could get the wings from Mall you are mistaken :D

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VIP Status!

Tell me is it possible to transfer my VIP status to another server? Which new or has not lost my!

Sorry my english im from Russia! Google Translitor!

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thanks for merge, but you have more HOME

thanks for merge, but you have more HOMEWORK

but you must add more stage / level for alot of feature

example zodiac, excalibur, etc

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saya isi cash lewat payment wall unipin tapi topaz tersebut tidak masuk ke akun loa2 saya

Order No.AMZ20170105095924432105-01-2017 09:59:24
  • [picture]
  • 200 Diamonds
  • League of Angels II - [s48] Eternal Spa

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When will LoA 2 be launched?

What a nice surprise, AMZ is launching LoA 2

When will it be ready for us to play?


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give me my dam diamonds
i am getting sick and tired of recharging,the order completed and not getting my diamonds,missing event items because of it,my last recharge took me 2 days to get after filing several tickets and getting a response should have gotten it,yea,should have and did are two diff things.i just rec 6 year ago 2277 Views / 12 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31470670(5 year ago)
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Understanding Attack Order and Rage in L

            The Attack Order in LoA II is front to back, top to bottom, although there are Hero skills with given targeting skills example is ‘target enemy with lowest HP first’, most single target skills and basic attacks will au

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None-Casher Beginner's Guide

As we all know, sometimes its hard to play the game and become strong as a none-casher. Well, this is a guide to help everyone as a none-casher to pass dungeons and become strong

Knowing that we begin with with 4 heros, Nichole, Augstine, Karen and Mikeala. It can be hard to pass som

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Equipment sets

Berserker/Justice gear is typically used on characters that are providing damage (i.e. Huxley, Lucas, Aphrodite). Imperial/Warlord gear is used on support characters like Liz, Kay, and Athena, and also on healers like A'ishah. So for your gear sets, I would place berserker gear on Lucas and Alect

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How to Increase BR in The First Week
How to Increase BR in The First Week?

There are a lot of ways to do it. Your position on a server though, will be greatly impacted by other players (amount they spend, previous experience, etc), but here are some of the highly effective strategies used by players
 Buy all the energy, raids,
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LoA II Icon panel

At the top right of the game screen is the mini world map with a number of icons around the sides of it.

This is what the icons are for


1) The flags

2) Game settings

3) Sound off

4) Block

5) Update 


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Having only 3-4 heroes ? Is it allowed

The answer is yes.

Playing with 3-4 heroes is a legit tactic in the game.

How it is done is that when the player creates the character, they go through the tutorial or the first six levels which is controlled by the game, forcing a player to take on mikaela and karen. W

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How to find a suitable formation

A lots of new players have been wonderings, where do I place my hero in my formation? Below will just be my own game experience and guide that hopefully will help some people. Please do not leave rude comments below.

Before we start...

Firstly, you need to understand the Attack

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Improving your gaming experience and con

Lag in games is one of the most annoying things that can happen.

The most common response from devs and gaming platform hosts, is that its connection lag.

The difference between server lag, connection lag and graphics lag is basic

Connection lag is caused by a play

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Equipment System, Recycle System, Guild

Enhancing equipment on your hero grants a BR Boost to your party, and also boosts the hero that has the equipment you enhanced on.

Enhancing costs gold, and gold is gain by doing dailies, quests, events, storylines, etc.

You have two ways of Enhancing your equipment.

First one,

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New Server 7 Day Event [picture][picture][picture] 6 year ago 1900 Views / 24 Last Post by Anonymous31964367(2 months ago)
Frequently Asked Questions Dear Players, we have prepared this FAQ to help you understand this game. Hope you will enjoy playing this game.

    Q: Which classes can i choose for my characters.
    A: We don’t have classes of characters in the game. The male character and fe...
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Arena, Hero Trial, Abyss

In Arena you can Exchange “ Arena Prestige “ that you can from battles in the shop, for hero shards, resources, EXP Scrolls, and many more!

There is also a “ Special Tab “ with rewards for certain places. As seen in the image below, and they can only be redeemed once.


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Hello !

I'm Nash a french player.  Do you have a mini-client for this game?

Best regards,


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LoA II Eternal war buildings



RED= Buildings, the T, K, F, V etc are short for the various types of buildings such as Keep, Town, Village

Blue= Faction Flags, there are 3 factions, Fire (Red)  Water (blue ) and Wind ( green)

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LoA II Level guide


Welcome to LoA II Level guide.

Here you will find at what level different activities will become available. You gain exp from daily quests, events, fighting in dungeons and  animas path.

Level 6      Mount icon becomes availa

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Carnival plus second week of new server [picture][picture][picture] 6 year ago 1149 Views / 12 Last Post by Anonymous31911231(2 year ago)
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Conquest Matchmaking What the HELL is wrong with the matchmaking for Conquest. one side full of 10 to 12M BR people and the other same just one of them is 200M BR ???? Are you KIDDING me???? 6 year ago 1940 Views / 9 Last Post by Anonymous31966051(1 months ago)
Opening Marriage Function

Just a quick suggestion I have in mind. It would be nice if we have a Marriage Function. Once 2 players are married, it will be shown on their profile with their "mate" standing behind them.

Most of the time, heroes overpowers main character which makes main useless. I think that ha

6 year ago 522 Views / 9 Last Post by Anonymous31915805(4 months ago)

I am suggesting that there will be events to collect shards of LYCORAX and synthesize it to LYCORAX SEAL to get LYCORAX mount not just by getting it via Recharge so that free users can get it and to get the Cerberus Mount in X-server shop additionally after.


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australia moblie payment can you add telstra to it i cant use my card on it dont be lazy  6 year ago 1006 Views / 2 Last Post by Anonymous31925319(1 year ago)
Option to turn of reminders please? if possible just maybe something you guys could add in the future please? to turn of reminders for when you get new armor and stuff.  6 year ago 2516 Views / 30 Last Post by Anonymous31887887(2 year ago)
Cross Kingdom Hero Convert

So I am guessing that I am not the only person who decides to go with a different Hero in the middle of leveling up for xyz reasons...

What I did notice is that we can reuse these legendary heroes in the Hero Convert tab in the recycle feature but that is only LIMITED to the heroes w

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Domination Cant we incrase bet and recieve-gaining amount or bet times ? like having 6x chances to bet instead of 3x at first rounds ? that would be 4 times or 100 diamong instead of 80  6 year ago 1069 Views / 1 Last Post by Anonymous31885561(3 year ago)
League Of Angels 2

Hi guys. I don't really know who to contact or the process so i am just gonna leave my thoughts here. First time doing this kinda thing.

The limit on the honor shop in honor shop is 5000 for honor points. daily. Now the maximum limit on the daily shards buy is 10 which means you need to spe

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[resolved] VIP level reward bug


Just a quick error (or at least I think its an error) that I caught. In the VIP Deluxe Gifts, for VIP 13, it gives out 3 mythic heros. But for VIP 14 and 15, it only gave out one. I believe this is a bug because it shouldn't be decreased down to 1 mythic hero only. Please double chec

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[resolved] I cannot get my domination re

dom bugged, therefore I cannot receive wagers , continue to finals and get the rewards for dom





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[checking] recharge problem paypal

s6 lost temple


dont know if this is the right forum but here is the problem:

i tried to recharge 800 topaz with paypal only for the 1day recharge rewards, but didnt get the topaz or anything else ingame.

paypal said transaction was ok

on amz order

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resolved] missing reward guys, because of slow recharge, i have lost some rewards, i was waiting to 03:40 on  12.06.2017,  i'm from Bulgaria, i have + 7 hours between time zones of server and my country, sooo i cant wait anymore and go to bed, now i saw i have my diamonds but cant take rewards anymore, a... 6 year ago 1950 Views / 11 Last Post by Anonymous31849027(4 year ago)
{checkig } Solo Main toon in Palace Raid

Hi, I can't defeat this guy in Palace Raid due to this ridiculous bug [picture]... Help Please. Any questions feel free to contact me. Regards.


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[resolved] Bugged dom rewards

Had to bump my thread since some FM decided to close my thread and call it solved even though I never actually received any compensation/diamonds. Love the support around here.

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missing tycoon reward hi guys, pls, can you check, why i didn't receive any reward from last tycoon, i finished on 3rd place, and reward was nothing or what???   5 year ago 1162 Views / 4 Last Post by Alex Bojev(5 year ago)
Losing battles after killing all mobs

I have been receiving loses for battles that I win with members of my team still alive, and less then 20 turns have passed.  I have also on occasion received a lower star level for a winning battle, such as completing the battle with all 5 members still alive, and still getting only 2 star r

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