None-Casher Beginner's Guide


14:34 11/12/2016


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As we all know, sometimes its hard to play the game and become strong as a none-casher. Well, this is a guide to help everyone as a none-casher to pass dungeons and become strong

Knowing that we begin with with 4 heros, Nichole, Augstine, Karen and Mikeala. It can be hard to pass some elite dungeons with them. But instead of trying your luck in getting legendary heros, it is possible to pass them all with a new sets of purple heros

With enough refresh tokens, you will be able to get the 4 heros you need to create a strong purple team. 

This new sets of team contains Elaine, Natalie, Nicole and Glacia. With the help of 2 healers and 2 aoe attackers, your team should be surviving elite dungeons in no time. (See formation below to beat elite dungeons until unlocking all legendary heros)

Also because they are purple heros, it will be easier when it comes to augment for events. Hope this helps!