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07:17 12/08/2016


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So I am guessing that I am not the only person who decides to go with a different Hero in the middle of leveling up for xyz reasons...

What I did notice is that we can reuse these legendary heroes in the Hero Convert tab in the recycle feature but that is only LIMITED to the heroes within the same kingdoms.

For example, most of my heroes belonged to Tempest Kingdom and I had one belonging to Celestial Kingdom and realized that she wasn't as powerful as I would expect her to be so opted to change for another Tempest Kingdom hero.

Now I have had the Celestial Kingdom Hero augmented to +6 before I decided to change it and I have a lot of the copies plus affinity heroes just lying around there with absolutely NO USE to me now....

What I would like to suggest is adding a cross kingdom convert, even if this uses more than 1 Hero Seal.

I can guarantee people like me will use it even if it will take 2-3 weeks to farm the necessary amount via the Weekly Quests.

Also, would like to suggest doing the same for the Mythic Heroes (i do not own one at the moment so I am not sure that the feature is in place)

This would really be a big help for all of the players :)




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Good to know that this has been implemented at lvl 70! thanks! :)




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Good suggestions,I'll told our devs about it.Thanks for enjoying the game!




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Hi, for your information you can do hero convert once your lvl 55 and once your lvl 70 and above you can already convert heroes across kingdom.

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