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1.   Hero Summoner : This is the place where you can recruit heroes of Rare ( blue ), Purple ( Epic ) and Orange ( Legendary ) quality.

There are 2 ways of summoning the heroes.

One is called “ Pray Summon “ and you can summon heroes using Pray Tokens which can be obtained from events and doing daily quests. Each day you have 3 daily free attempts, each one has a CD of 10 minutes. As seen in the image below, you have a chance of getting a “ Epic “ hero by using this method.


Second one is called “ Ritual Summon “ and you can summon heroes using diamonds and Ritual Tokens which can be obtained from the shop and doing events. A free summon will be free once every 48hours ( 2 days ) here as well.  As seen in the 2nd picture, on Ritual Summon, using the x10 Summon will automatically grant you a Legendary hero ( Along with an epic, or just rares. )

There are 3 factions in-game, and they are called :

1.      Tempest

2.      Midas

3.      Celestial

Each faction have their heroes, but a party can be made by mixing all 3 factions together as well, however, making a party of just 1 faction, can grant you a bonus.Deploying those 4 heroes for example and adding their ally ( Guardian Angel in LoA 1 ), will add them different bonuses and Affinities which we will talk and see later in the guide. This line-up is specialized on back-row killers. Every faction has their setup, you can see and follow what line-up you want by clicking on “ Rec. Line-up “, on the bottom at the right when entering to Summon heroes.

Every Faction has their Rec. Line-up that you choose to pick and go with it, or make your own party. 

By doing how the game tells you, you see on the right the party affinities and what the party is specialized in.

1.   Hero Shop : Here we have resources and hero shards ( very rarely hero icons as well ).

Hero shop needs “ Soul “ that are obtained from recycling heroes you don’t need, refreshing shop x number of times and by doing quests/events.

The second item that the shop needs, are the “ Refresh Tokens “ which are used to refresh the shop, when you don’t have or get what you need. As marked in the image, first one are the Refresh Tokens, while the second ones are the Souls. You also get 10 daily free refreshes, and with each time your VIP levels, more refreshes will be available for you to use.

Once reaching level 60, Mythic heroes will appear in Hero shop as well, but they will be more expensive than the purple and orange ones.

The 3 mythic heroes are : 

Moira : The Angel of Apocalypse and Ruler of the Tempest Kingdom.

Rei : Dhyana Champion from the Celestial Kingdom.

Pamela : The Twilight Queen from the Midas Kingdom.

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Do I have to level up my Allies? Is it ok to leave them at level 1?
  • Van Yes,lv 1 is okay for Allies.

    12/16/2016 13:28

  • Demi You need to level up all your allies, once u all level them up by level 10 you will activate Ally power. U also only need to level up your allies as augmenting them for now is useless.

    12/16/2016 19:39

  • Demi Ally Power will greatly boost your Squad BR and give added stats to all your squad.

    12/16/2016 19:43