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In Arena you can Exchange “ Arena Prestige “ that you can from battles in the shop, for hero shards, resources, EXP Scrolls, and many more!

There is also a “ Special Tab “ with rewards for certain places. As seen in the image below, and they can only be redeemed once.

You have 5 daily attempts, and you can purchase more based on your VIP Level.

Defeating enemies higher in rank than you in Arena will earn you Diamonds.

Top64 will be qualified for Server Domination.
NOTE : If you are not level 30, you will not join Domination.

Each time you attack someone and win, you get +2 points, when you lose, you get +1.

You get 5 attempts per day, you can buy more ( 1/2/3/4/etc ), limit being your VIP level. Higher VIP, higher amount of attempts you can purchase.

Point Rewards are : 

Hero Trial : This feature unlocks at level 18 and it’s all about resources. As shown in the image below, we have 7 different categories of fights. When they are available, it is said on the image. Some days all will be available, some just first 4 or last 3.

Each Boss has a “ Required BR “ to have to kill/pass it, and as a reward for killing it first time you will get Diamonds + extra of the item you get.

Example : 21 EXP Scrolls, after killing it for the first time you will get 110 diamonds +  84 EXP Scrolls. ( This just applies for killing it ONCE ), this reward won’t be given each time you kill it.

The first arrow are the basic rewards you get each time you challenge the stage after you passed it.

The second arrow indicates the first clear rewards that I mentioned above. Those rewards you get by killing the Boss ONCE only. After that, you will only get 21 EXP Scrolls.

Monday, first day of the week, you will be able to challenge all the trials from the feature.

After that, each one of them will open on different days.

As shown in the pic, Monday all of them will be open. Tuesday only 3-4, Wednesday the other ones that were closed Tuesday, and so on.

The Abyss : It has almost the same stuff like Arena.

You get “ Hellcoin “ each time you pass a stage and move further.

Hellcoins are used for buying Equipment shards from the Abyss Shop.

Epic, Legendary, Mythic Equipment can be found in the Abyss shop.

As seen in the picture, the Special tab is the same like Arena, but in Abyss you need to reach certain amount of Stars to get the rewards for it.

When fighting a mob in Abyss, you can choose difficulty Easy, Normal or Hard. Stars are determined on what difficulty you pick.

Picking Easy difficulty will earn you 3 stars.

Picking Normal difficulty will earn you 6 stars.

Picking Hard difficulty will earn you 9 stars ( max amount of stars ).

In order to achieve full star ( on Hard mode for example ) you need all heroes to survive. If one dies, you will not receive the max stars.

Once a fight on hard was passed with max stars ( 9 ), next day you can skip it.

You also can request help of a higher friend to help you pass a stage in Abyss with max stars. The higher your VIP level, the more aids you can do per day.




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