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Eternal War FAQ

Q: What is the Eternal War?

A: The Eternal War is a new cross-server PvP conquest mode. Different servers are placed in a 3 Faction map with the ability to form Factions and go to battle for land and control of the map.

Q: Will players of the same server be divided into the same Faction?

A: Players are divided according to Legions. Each Legion randomly draws one of the three Factions to join. The 3 factions are Water, Fire and Wind. Legions on the same server may end up in different Factions

Q: What do Strongholds produce for the Legion when they are occupied?

A: Fortified Strongholds can produce Medals for ranking The top Strongholds can provide a Medal yield bonus at all the Legion’s Strongholds. Villages mainly produce resources for building such as Wood, Iron and Stone.

Q: Can I participate in the Eternal War without joining a Legion?

A: If you enter the War after it starts, you can draw a Faction without being in a Legion; If you leave your Legion after the War starts, you can still fight for the Faction without joining another Legion, but you will not receive any Legion benefits.

Q: How can I coordinate with my Legion?

A: The Commander can send out request messages to Legion members to assist in attacking targets. Legion members can use the Legion Chat Channel to coordinate amongst themselves.

Q: Does each Faction have a leader?

A: Each Faction will have a General who will have some special privileges but hold no direct control over the Faction. There will be no General during the first 3 days of Eternal War; starting from the 4th day, the Commander of the top ranked Legion in a Faction will be appointed to General. This is recalculated each day until the end of the event.

Q: Is Eternal War open throughout the day?

A: Players can attack smaller Strongholds during most of the daytime, but the larger Strongholds can only be attacked in the evening. Players can kill monsters that show up on the map throughout the day.

Q: Are all Stronghold defenders actual enemy players?

A: Besides enemy players, there are also NPC defenders in larger Strongholds. When fighting in the inner Stronghold, players need to kill NPC’s first, then they can kill the enemy players; but when attacking the Barracks or Gates, enemy players should be killed first. Additionally, at random times an NPC Legion will attack random Strongholds.

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