Understanding Attack Order and Rage in LoA II


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            The Attack Order in LoA II is front to back, top to bottom, although there are Hero skills with given targeting skills example is ‘target enemy with lowest HP first’, most single target skills and basic attacks will auto select their targets according to this sequence.

            Front to back means your heroes will attack the enemy front row heroes first before the back row. Given these we now know that the front row heroes protect the back row from single target attack. It is normal battle formation that tanks, support and healer are place in front to protect your DPS Hero at the back.


            Top to bottom attack sequence will come into effect when there is no enemy on the front row and directly opposite of the attacking hero. In that case, your hero will attack other front row heroes going from top to bottom.


            Rage is a resource that allows Heroes to unleash their Ultimate skills. Every Hero and Angel has a Rage bar that maxes at 1000. Attacks against enemies will generate 150 Rage while killing an enemy will generate an additional 300 Rage. While attacking is a normal way to build Rage, in most cases being attacked will generate even more. This means the side that is taking more damage is usually the first to be able to use their Ultimate skills its why some hero are best not to have high dodge runes equip as dodging will not generate rage.


            Tips: While you can set Ultimate skills to release automatically as soon as Rage is full, it is usually better to trigger them manually at the right time. For example, against a formation with powerful healers, you may want to save multiple ultimate skill until you can unleash them at the same time to burst a target down they can not get heal. Also, you should save your healer’s ultimate skill until your team has taken enough damage to maximize the effects. But remember, if Rage is full the Hero or Angel will not be able build any more until their Ultimate is used. Sometimes it is ok to use an Ultimate just so you can start building Rage again.


             Your Squad battle formation is one of the most crucial factors that will determine victory or defeat on the battlefield. Always ensure that your units are positioned well for each battle.


             For example, if the enemy formation has multiple skills that target the back row, you can try placing your tank heroes in the back, even if you normally want them in the front. You generally want to place your heroes in positions to minimize your enemy’s damage like when your enemies have high damage try to counter it with your tank hero to block the damage that a high attacker can do.


Also, consider what I told you about the Attack sequence and Rage in your formation setup. If you have a unit with a powerful Ultimate, try positioning them to take just enough damage so they can fill their Rage quickly and use their Ultimate to hopefully take out an enemy early on.


And do remember it’s your game what I just told you are just things that might help you earlier on the game. Later on, you will have your on formation and strategies that are better suited to your squad.

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