How to Increase BR in The First Week


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How to Increase BR in The First Week?

There are a lot of ways to do it. Your position on a server though, will be greatly impacted by other players (amount they spend, previous experience, etc), but here are some of the highly effective strategies used by players
 Buy all the energy, raids, and raid cards you see especially if you are playing free or VIP 1.
These gain resources and experience, and you are only offered a very limited number, so you have to take advantage of them.

- Don't torment yourself over trading heroes in and out.
 Pick a strong squad of epics (unless you are cashing enough to quickly augment legendaries). upgrade them all through plus 6 to get the free support and other prizes while gathering
your best legendary team.
 Do not put in a legendary hero until it is better than the epic it will

 Recycle heroes you don't need and use the souls you receive to buy hero shards.
Keep Epics augmented as quickly as levelling allows.
- Don't buy crap.

 You don't need to spend your diamonds on a million yellow cards.
 You get a lot for free. Better investments are energy, raids, and the angel set (get it when it   comes in a package with bless stones).

 If you want the full demon set, wait till sale on Day 8

 If you just want the ultimate and aren't fussed about the stats so won’t buy the whole set,
 you can buy it after domination betting comes in.
- Do dungeons, palace, and raids; keep relics upgraded and aim for having everyone with all R4 runes by day 7.
 Give everyone 2x atk, def, and hp plus others depending on function.
- Do abyss and keep gear updated and refined as well as you can manage
- Buy bless stones from guild, arena and upgrade heroes
- Join a guild, do royal, buy stones, drills and refresh tokens, etc; also tech
- Do  X server; you will need the resources.

- Bet on domination every match, you can save diamonds to do this.
-Do WB, GB, and Conquest as often as you can.

 get free stamina at midday and dinner
Don't keep throwing yourself at dungeons you can't win, losing is a waste of stamina
 Work out why you lost and don't try again until you're pretty sure you can win.

- Do all daily and carnival quests as much as you can for free resources
- Join the guild with the #1 in arena if you can manage it.
A lot of the time this person will let
Friends/ Guildies take rank 1 for a minute around reset,
 Before they have to use their fight attempts to get access to the prizes. This is valuable experience for a free player or light casher.

The list is by no means comprehensive, but if you do all of these things, you will very likely be ahead of the majority of people on most new servers, who will use constantly shifting
 ragtag bands of heroes they cannot keep upgraded. Then spend all their diamonds on raid
listening to the guy in chat, who claims to have a 15 mil BR account on another server,
When he gives questionable advice that, everyone falls over themselves to follow.
Try to ignore that guy and stick to your plan. You won't rule the server without some serious cash, but you'll do just fine.  Good luck with it

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