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League of Angels Version Update V 3.90:
To celebrate Thanksgiving, League of Angels will bring you gorgeous angel and many Thanksgiving-themed items in the new 3.90 version on Nov.17th. Check the content below.

New Angel:

Following Hera, Maia is sure to bring something new to the angelic land at the time of

4 year ago 1148 Views / 3 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31849027(2 year ago)
Happy Sea and Lucky Tree: Enjoy the Rewa
Thank you all for your continuous support of League of Angels!  
From Nov.10th(server time), a series of rewarding events will be issued in game where you can get all kinds of hot items FOR FREE! Various EXP cards, vouchers, Nectars, flairs can all be yours! Veteran players will
4 year ago 1610 Views / 8 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31849027(2 year ago)
Have Fun in Crazy Halloween Party in Lea
Halloween is just around the corner! League of Angels is happy to hold a grand Halloween Party where you will get various items! You are all invited to the celebration, so have a ball and get great rewards in League of Angels!
From Oct.26th
4 year ago 1296 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31470670(2 year ago)
League of Angels- Server Merge On March
March 8th, 2017 - 03:34 EST / /
Dear Players,

After collecting players' ideas on the server merge and evaluating the server dates, we decide to merge uc2, S42 into one server and uc1,  S41, S43 into other server on March 13, 2017 04:00 AM EDT/08:00 AM UTC.
Server will be shu
3 year ago 1293 Views / 23 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31352654(3 year ago)
Update Mar 2nd V 3.90: Harnessing the P

New Version: V3.90


New Mount:

1. Ghostfire Cat

The evolution of Persian Cat, Glamour Skill: Ghostfire Embrace

2. Seraphic Cat

The evolution of Ghostfire Cat, Glamour: Seraphic Embrace

3. Iridescent Warh

3 year ago 994 Views / 1 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31352654(3 year ago)
Welcome to Thanksgiving Party in League

Thanksgiving Party kicks off at 0:00:00AM on Nov.17th(server time)! Come join the fun in League of Angels now! Let's see what's new here!

Thanksgiving Harvest

Duration: 11/17 to 11/23 (server time)

Description: Happy Thanksgiving! Use your

4 year ago 718 Views / 1 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31234924(3 year ago)
New Server: S42-Moonbright Is Coming

Dear Players, 

We are pleased to announce the releasing of S42- Moonbright, the 42th Server for League of Angels goes online at 10: 00 AM (20/10/2016 UTC)!


With 20 hot server events and stacks of great prizes & gift packs you'd better act fas

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League of Angels Version Update V 3.90:
Update Time: Oct 20th

New Version: V3.90

New Item:

1.Unique Strong Ring

The ring is exclusive to CS Resource Tycoon, which can be gained in Tycoon Mystic Deal from Oct.26th to Oct. 27th.


2.Customized weapons for Champion Showdown winne

4 year ago 794 Views / 1 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31234924(3 year ago)
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gemstone grading reports
G'day! Guys, I'm searching for an organization that will help us with proven gemstone grading reports. Can you plz be so kind and share the contact of a good lab? 3 weeks ago 32 Views / 3 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31908827(1 weeks ago)
Migration problem

I have to migrate to GTArcade but the process will not let me.

Says account already exists or bad username/password when trying to sign up for migration.

2 year ago 186 Views / 1 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31903999(3 months ago)
Divines War BS
Question? How is it we have a person on server uc1 that has less than 300k BR that is still able to participate in Divine War? That doesn't make sense. Then the rest of us that have low BR be able to participate as well. Is it because this person spends money, I'm just curio 4 year ago 804 Views / 4 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31624668(2 year ago)
CS Wyrm LoA

i cant join cs wrym for few day [picture]    thank u  

4 year ago 4629 Views / 16 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31620066(2 year ago)
free attempts en capsule toy
Me han desaparecido mas de 700 attempts de capsula toy , porque 3 year ago 620 Views / 4 Replies Last Post by joseph06(2 year ago)
Accidentally Too Much Synth Divine Bless

Greetings Moderators,

I mistakenly synthed the divine bless stones. I did not realize it was too much and i can't do anything with it because i already had all heroes max upgrade +36. I am unable to supply a screenshot showing the item synthed from the forge itself, but I can provid

3 year ago 704 Views / 10 Replies Last Post by Ensayne(3 year ago)
class card


is it possible to use more than 1 class card?


- change from warrior to a new class with 1. card

-change from new class back to warrior or an other class with 2. class

4 year ago 773 Views / 6 Replies Last Post by Anonymous27024820(3 year ago)

I thinks it's not fair that you guys are taking away the Flashy Jokers in HOC. I had 5 after the last HOC event and now I have now....  Quit being so GREEDY!!!!!!   Not everyone can afford to keep spending diamonds every event. Most players have to save up to get things because you guys

3 year ago 647 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Kitwritten(3 year ago)
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Mid Year Review
What happened to the mid year review? did you guys forget? are you guys on vacation? just wondering 2 year ago 1538 Views / 11 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31857325(1 year ago)
Mid Year Review
What happened to the mid year review? did you guys forget? are you guys on vacation? just wondering 2 year ago 476 Views / 1 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31624668(2 year ago)
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Farming resources, Practical Event tips This will be a simple guide to demonstrate the best way to farm resources in preparation for tycoon or any other events that are deemed rewardable in the long run.

This guide is in support of LoA guide which his domain expired unfortunately, but has provided very informative guides o...
4 year ago 1930 Views / 16 Last Post by Anonymous31855017(1 months ago)
Welcome to LOA Little Helper by Apoc... Hello to all, i will be posting here tips, how to and much more to help the new players and maybe older players have fun in the game and learn how to play it. I will make this based on a free to play player. I will also offer some help on the famous gems set up, how to collect rewards to help you g... 5 year ago 1093 Views / 5 Last Post by Anonymous31898391(6 months ago)
gift codes

hi LOA , I am  anthonyhufs from Zorn's keep s-12  server ud1  everyone got gift codes  works for them and some  not work for them  I used to get gift codes really nice and now  these new gift codes I cant get it no such event code huh  why I cant get gift ?

2 year ago 1742 Views / 4 Last Post by Anonymous31864357(1 year ago)
Game Guide Lvl 10:
Angel system:Here you can find all the angels that loa has,every angel has a lvl requirement and an icon to unlock it.Some angel icons are in the arena shop,others can be obtained from events.
Guild:As most of the games,LOA has a guild system as well,in there you can find a guild shop,a dail...
5 year ago 2372 Views / 3 Last Post by Anonymous31849027(2 year ago)
Navigation King Tips This is intended to be a quick reference to how Navigation King works.

First and foremost in my honest opinion this is the most garbage event that LoA has to offer. I would recommend you stay clear from this event because what they have to offer, you can usually get cheaper else where. The only ...
4 year ago 1371 Views / 3 Last Post by Anonymous31849027(2 year ago)
CS or Single Tycoon: Intro

This game involves a lot of resource management. Players that can properly use the resources available to them will generally be at the top of your server. A good majority players will spend what they got when they get it, and that is not a good strategy for this game. "Every ...
4 year ago 2857 Views / 6 Last Post by Anonymous31849027(2 year ago)
[GUIDE] Mount Evolve Hello Everyone,

In this Guide I'll explain how the mount evolve system works.
Due to the fact that there isn't a table with all the evolved mounts and their requirements, some players get confused in buying mounts that they do not know if they are normal or evolved ones.
Let's begin with the on...
5 year ago 2504 Views / 4 Last Post by Anonymous31849027(2 year ago)
World Boss Guide: Basic Formation and W This is going to be an overly simplistic view of what you should be looking at in WB. Mind you, you only really wanted the Coles Notes anyway.

Basic Flow of Combat:

Attachment 7960

Round 1: Your entire party will attack first. The WB will always Attack Last and the first attack will be a norm...
4 year ago 2824 Views / 5 Last Post by Anonymous31849027(2 year ago)
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Homestead Is there a guide for Homestead, I appear to be stuck, the game says I can not place more decorations as my Star level is not high enough, I have tried to find out more about this but to no avail any help out there please? I see people with a lot more points than me so they must be allowed, do you ha 5 year ago 1174 Views / 4 Last Post by Anonymous31888911(7 months ago)
Useless Smelting event

Seriously?????     We have been complaining for 2 yrs about this useless event....  you only let us smelt things we need like Enchant Stones....   Why can't we get rid of the useless crap in our inventory like doubles crest for heroes and mounts that we already have or the pag

3 year ago 815 Views / 3 Last Post by Kitwritten(3 year ago)
inferno monster experience it would be nice to earn experience for monsters in inferno, Like we do in Erebus. 3 year ago 732 Views / 1 Last Post by sulunari(3 year ago)
Fairy Exploring

Fairy explore, elemental zone, loop quests, and bonding quests We now have even more that takes our stamina, maybe you guys should think about giving us more stamina per day. Thank you... blazingangel uc1

4 year ago 777 Views / 3 Last Post by Kitwritten(4 year ago)
uc1 recently merged

DEAR amz  we need bigger world boss because i killed wb under 3 seconds poof gone over , many them gets complain  not able to hit or get some gold  ets you know  i am hoping yall will help them their need  i apprecaited   hope u have nice day

4 year ago 832 Views / 3 Last Post by Kitwritten(4 year ago)
server merge come on guys are you serious ? how can our server compete now for anything ? events rankings anything its ridicouls to put our server that's been open for 45 days against guys with 44 mil br !!!!!!!! put it back to how it was

and its not just me closet guy on my server to me 3 mil less br than m...
4 year ago 737 Views / 2 Last Post by GM Raven(4 year ago)
New Server RELEASE!! Guyss why arent new servers coming out?
I was waiting for an new EUROPE one [picture]
4 year ago 764 Views / 1 Last Post by GM Raven(4 year ago)
wb issues need to limit to main characters only, fight is over in three hits. 2 year ago 399 Views / 0
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[resolved] Cannot log into S42

    i was in game for server reset just now, i did the precious pro recharge and hadn't collected yet. someone was using lucky tree and game was lagging bad. so i refreshed my browser.. now i get an error msg, like shockwave is timing out. i can get onto loards road, and LOA 2. just wan

3 year ago 1159 Views / 21 Last Post by Jhonsmiths(1 weeks ago)
minecraft i had attempts 140 in minecraft  and i put 17 corpon from my invertory  that i got 170 to add to 140  i would have over 300 points  but lost 30 or 40 something and now i cant  do to make earn  what happen to it  so i am ruined thank u fro ruin my day  somethin 4 year ago 252 Views / 3 Last Post by Anonymous31907669(4 weeks ago)
forum.amzgame. com/thread/detail?id=2019 [picture]                 hope u find it  it anthonyhufs from alabama  server is uc1 4 year ago 323 Views / 3 Last Post by Anonymous31903615(3 months ago)
Lucky Tree Lucky You not working properl


i cannot collect the rewards even if fullfilled requirements:

Requirements fullfilled:

So please fix it now or send the rewards via ingame mail.

IGN: Rydia

Server: S-22 Gl

4 year ago 501 Views / 5 Last Post by Anonymous31891579(9 months ago)
merge bug Today we had merge of ub1 us time zone and ub2 eu time zone,which created many issues. HotEvents are not respoding,events are down,daily events for EU servers are working in US time zone,EU server players cannot join Alliances and are kicked from previous Alliances,some of player names are not displ 2 year ago 1453 Views / 15 Last Post by Anonymous31864357(1 year ago)
[checking] Bug in dragon souls I have not been able to get into my Dragon Souls for 5 Months now can someone please take a look on why the other players on this computer can get in and upgrade their souls I cant it freezes and I have to reset the game all over again please help thank you 4 year ago 973 Views / 23 Last Post by Anonymous31624668(2 year ago)
[reported] amulet go missing when you go


This is the second time i loose a amulet as i am in homestead, first time i missed it it but lost over 2 million br on 1 toon, but today april 3rd 2017 at 20 am server time on eastern server my SDL amulet vanished and lost another huge br. close to 3 millions...


3 year ago 1249 Views / 9 Last Post by Anonymous31470670(2 year ago)
NEED HELP WITH DRAGON SOULS STILL??????? I can not give you a screen shot of my game because as soon as I go in I have to refresh and that does not work ? I asked someone for help months ago But I needed a screen shot  I CAN NOT DO IT .... I GET thrown out and have to Refresh. I have people passing me in Battle rating and I have all g 3 year ago 1174 Views / 19 Last Post by Anonymous31470670(2 year ago)
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