General Guide of LOA


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Attachment 38GENERAL GUIDE

4/1/2015 New Hero: Dragon Whisper, Fairy: Little Snowy Queen, Updated Title, Updated Max lvl description, Added links for Guides (Various Events/Systems), Updated Current in game max level

3/27/2015 Corrected Mistakes in few pictures as well as background differences, Added Angel Eostre, Evolved Hero Fire Queen
3/20/2015 Wings: Cupid, Banner Wings Costumes: Elvish Spring, Peking Love, Lover's Reunited Mounts: Empyreal Dragon King, Hellfire Dragon, Nian, Phoenix, Ruthless Leopard, White Kirin
3/5/2015 Angels: Elena Heroes: Santa, Dragon Empress, Valentina Fashion: Superhuman
02/06/2015 Angels: Theia Heroes: Snow Queen, Silver Dragon Lord, Kongfu Panda, Dragon Queen, Son of Odin, Divine Angel
01/07/2015 Wings: Snow Wings; Gears: Tyr's Ring
12/27/2014 Angels: Isolde, Varda - Mount Evolution: Crystal Reindeer - Fairies: Gingerbread Man, Snowball, and Little Reindeer.
12/23/2014 Fashion: Superior Santa Clothes - Updated Halo for Claudia, Victoriana, Raphael, and Athena.
12/18/2014 Hero: Mountain God
12/17/2014 Function: Awaken System
12/09/2014 Hero: Messenger of Darkness
12/08/2014 Mount: Darkspirit Ram
12/03/2014 Wings: Wings of Vengeance - Fashion: Deadly Shadow




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