wb issues need to limit to main characters only, fight is over in three hits. 2 year ago
sulunari 0 411
Useless Smelting event

Seriously?????     We have been complaining for 2 yrs about this useless event....  you only let us smelt things we need like Enchant Stones....   Why can't we get rid of the useless crap in our inventory like doubles crest for heroes and mounts that we already have or the pag

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Anonymous10085889 3 824 Kitwritten 09/18/2017 01:36
team dungeon experience for monsters would be nice please add experience for monsters in team dungeons 3 year ago
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inferno monster experience it would be nice to earn experience for monsters in inferno, Like we do in Erebus. 3 year ago Last Post by sulunari(3 year ago)
sulunari 1 741 sulunari 07/21/2017 21:51
Fairy Exploring

Fairy explore, elemental zone, loop quests, and bonding quests We now have even more that takes our stamina, maybe you guys should think about giving us more stamina per day. Thank you... blazingangel uc1

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Anonymous10085548 3 786 Kitwritten 01/16/2017 21:34
World Boss UC1 Come on now guys, this is crazy, for moths people have been complaining about the BR of world boss and not getting hits in. Its been 5 days since I have been able to get a hit into World boss. PLEASE just fix it already.... MAKE IT STRONGER. blazingangel UC1 4 year ago
Anonymous10085548 0 496
MOON STONES..... in game everything has gain some kind of complect or disassamble... for example i have all my t8 equipement with 3 blesses... now i need t9 but as domain guild is much high cp then we do we cant get GVG ... so moons stones are hard to get.. they even dont sell us them... so i suggest to get option o 4 year ago
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Event times

Hello peeps,

I am on US east coast server time, and on weekdays (Monday to Friday) I miss the daily events because I'm at work at that time. There must be a significant amount of players who are in the same boat as me.  I would like to suggest eithe

4 year ago
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uc1 recently merged

DEAR amz  we need bigger world boss because i killed wb under 3 seconds poof gone over , many them gets complain  not able to hit or get some gold  ets you know  i am hoping yall will help them their need  i apprecaited   hope u have nice day

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Anonymous10117322 3 843 Kitwritten 09/26/2016 23:16
New Server RELEASE!! Guyss why arent new servers coming out?
I was waiting for an new EUROPE one [picture]
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Anonymous10094977 1 773 GM Raven 09/22/2016 04:18
Abandon of the game of the lidel of the guild I want to know if I can take charge of my guild if the leader abandon the game. I am sirjoseph de League of Angels
S40-Stormmoor (Europe), mi guild is latinos. thank[picture][picture]
4 year ago
Anonymous20119916 0 641
Guantlet Guantlet is Guild Event lets make like demonic war guild leader or deputy leader diced when start. Because my time zone is +2 hours and for me is 00:30 and it's to late and every time i missed. Need to go work in 6:00 how to stay to 1:00.
What you say about that. I think is good proposal ho its thi...
4 year ago
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server merge come on guys are you serious ? how can our server compete now for anything ? events rankings anything its ridicouls to put our server that's been open for 45 days against guys with 44 mil br !!!!!!!! put it back to how it was

and its not just me closet guy on my server to me 3 mil less br than m...
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fookit 2 751 GM Raven 09/23/2016 20:18
From Server36 Ravenfall Every day decrease the number of active players on our server, and I want to suggest if is possible, fuse Server 36 RAvenfall with another server, they are a group og great players but finally people let the game.... [picture](


Astria Guild Leader of Superheroes
4 year ago
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Smelting!!!!!!!!!!!1 Seriously?????

What is the point of having the smelting event if we can't smelt anything in it????

I have pages and pages of Aureus coins and leftover shards for items that cannot be sold...... Either add these things to smelting or let us sell them......

For the love of GOD do someth...
4 year ago
Anonymous10085889 0 507
No answer in my last bug report? I posted (with screenshot) about not getting a Gold Ticket in Capsule and got no response????? Asked about getting Daily events put back on there normal time schedule (used to have 2 servers with gauntlet one night and 2 the other. Now all 4 on same night) because I can't play 4 gauntlets or TC a 4 year ago
Anonymous10085889 0 507