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Fairy explore, elemental zone, loop quests, and bonding quests We now have even more that takes our stamina, maybe you guys should think about giving us more stamina per day. Thank you... blazingangel uc1

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I agree, the stamina is very less. 

Usually what games do, is they give you 100-200 stamina/level up.

I did not see that in this game or if it exists, it is very less.

I would like to suggest that as a possible remedy for the stamina lack.




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Yes you really do not have enough stamina to do all the things needed. A lot of the time you end up not doing something because your stamina does not recover fast enough.




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The decision on stamina is up to GTArcade, not AMZgames.

As I understand it ( I do not play loa ) the idea is that you purchase extra stamina to do the things you want to do. It may be in part, why LoA has the rep of a pay to play game