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20:08 09/26/2016


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DEAR amz  we need bigger world boss because i killed wb under 3 seconds poof gone over , many them gets complain  not able to hit or get some gold  ets you know  i am hoping yall will help them their need  i apprecaited   hope u have nice day

  • Van: We have report it to devs before .It may take some time for them to consider and test for a bigger world boss .Any way ,thanks for your advice .

    09/26/2016 23:11




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and now TA not working sort it out ub1 paida 




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I have report it to devs .And it may not be sorted out in short term .But I will push them to sort it out as soon as possible .




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we are watching LoA, some issues may resolve after the reset....so we are trying to sort out the merge related issues from the bugs.....