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gemstone grading reports G'day! Guys, I'm searching for an organization that will help us with proven gemstone grading reports. Can you plz be so kind and share the contact of a good lab? 1 months ago Last Post by Anonymous31908827(1 months ago)
HarryS_s 3 47 Anonymous31908827 01/20/2021 14:27
Migration problem

I have to migrate to GTArcade but the process will not let me.

Says account already exists or bad username/password when trying to sign up for migration.

2 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31910637(1 weeks ago)
Anonymous 4 211 Anonymous31910637 02/27/2021 09:27
where is the Mid Year Review? just wondering what happened to the mid year review?  2 year ago
Anonymous10109039 0 267
Accidentally Too Much Synth Divine Blessing Stones

Greetings Moderators,

I mistakenly synthed the divine bless stones. I did not realize it was too much and i can't do anything with it because i already had all heroes max upgrade +36. I am unable to supply a screenshot showing the item synthed from the forge itself, but I can provid

3 year ago Last Post by Ensayne(3 year ago)
Anonymous27789792 10 721 Ensayne 01/28/2018 10:41
free attempts en capsule toy Me han desaparecido mas de 700 attempts de capsula toy , porque 3 year ago Last Post by joseph06(3 year ago)
joseph06 4 633 joseph06 01/29/2018 07:03
raiders [picture] 3 year ago
Anonymous10068401 0 413

I thinks it's not fair that you guys are taking away the Flashy Jokers in HOC. I had 5 after the last HOC event and now I have now....  Quit being so GREEDY!!!!!!   Not everyone can afford to keep spending diamonds every event. Most players have to save up to get things because you guys

4 year ago Last Post by Kitwritten(4 year ago)
Anonymous10085889 2 664 Kitwritten 02/18/2017 19:59
Divines War BS Question? How is it we have a person on server uc1 that has less than 300k BR that is still able to participate in Divine War? That doesn't make sense. Then the rest of us that have low BR be able to participate as well. Is it because this person spends money, I'm just curio 4 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31624668(2 year ago)
Anonymous10109039 4 822 Anonymous31624668 11/06/2018 00:48
Unfair Qualification for Divine War Well Divine War is here and I cant join because my BR is too low. All the People who spend money and have Large BR's get to join. that's a bunch of BS. I and those people who can't afford to spend money and  don't have 300k BR's should be able to join anyway. its unfair the 4 year ago Last Post by Demi(4 year ago)
Anonymous10109039 3 701 Demi 01/07/2017 00:21
super value capsule

collected the 15th orange capsule,  tried to swap it out as i already had both adv I clothing items and it didnt swap out.

alderon server name

s-6 hyperion

4 year ago Last Post by Kitwritten(4 year ago)
Anonymous10068401 14 928 Kitwritten 02/09/2017 04:27
class card


is it possible to use more than 1 class card?


- change from warrior to a new class with 1. card

-change from new class back to warrior or an other class with 2. class

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Palu 6 786 Anonymous27024820 03/22/2017 02:34
Paypal payment not working Paypal payment not working. I have already ordered twice and nothing happened i want to cancel  the duplciate of my order if possible.
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Anonymous27068218 2 696 Anonymous10086492 11/08/2016 21:45
Amazing 8 ATM Manual

Periode Event : 26 September (11:00am)– 9 October 2016 (23:59pm)

Syarat dan Ketentuan :

Ø  Bagi sahabat yang men-top up UniPin Credits dengan jumlah minimal Rp. 100.000dengan menggunakan ATM Manual Transfer akan mendapatkan bonus extra UniPin Credits sebesar 8

4 year ago
Anonymous26433510 0 487
world boss UC1

right i ptutting this back in discussions as you moved it to FAQS 

this is getting beyond a joke 

went to hit boss attack window started to come up then showed WB dead i then got a respawn without hitting the WB and then once respawn had finished was unable to hit world boss

4 year ago Last Post by Kitwritten(4 year ago)
paida 1 717 Kitwritten 09/28/2016 23:16
CS Wyrm LoA

i cant join cs wrym for few day [picture]    thank u  

4 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31620066(2 year ago)
Anonymous10117322 16 4661 Anonymous31620066 07/12/2018 20:11
server mergers??? Did your clock stop working???   you said 4 hours downtime? 7 hours now??? still nothing???
4 year ago Last Post by paida(4 year ago)
Anonymous10085889 6 681 paida 09/27/2016 18:08