LoA vet recruitment Dear Heroes,

Welcome to the Vet Program! Do you have a desire to improve the AMZ community by helping other players, providing useful answers, and working as a team? This program is designed to give players the opportunity to make a difference in the community they are playing in.

Vets are in...
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Kitwritten 34 2865 Anonymous31911231 08/27/2021 03:42
World Boss Lag issues


this was last nights World boss it was already posted last night BUT someone deleted the thread

AMZ is saying it wasnt deleted strange where is it they also said i had the connection issues [picture]as you can see its not my end please

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paida 35 1602 Anonymous31624668 11/06/2018 00:52
Where can I buy cheap and safe Madden 21 Coins? [picture]By mid-to-late 2020, EA will release the latest part of the long-running Madden NFL series, MUT 21, also known as Madden Ultimate Team 21, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, PS5, and Xbox One. The MUT token, also known as the Madden NFL token, is a virtual currency used as a medium of transact... 2 year ago
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hell again I knew yall want to screwing me my game  huh ?  last time I set on 8 th for demonice war and u screwe me my day u defaulkted to 9 th I wait for it then u screwed me again to 12th  what the hell going on if yall screwing my again I will be very pissed  why didn't u t

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Anonymous20737738 1 413 Anonymous20737738 11/09/2018 10:09
hall of fame

my toon is anthonyhufs  at Zorn's keep S12  at server ud1  I tried to collect gold in hall of fame don't work it blanks for few days  please fix it thanks

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Anonymous10117322 1 478 Anonymous10117322 11/10/2018 18:02
gift codes

hi LOA , I am  anthonyhufs from Zorn's keep s-12  server ud1  everyone got gift codes  works for them and some  not work for them  I used to get gift codes really nice and now  these new gift codes I cant get it no such event code huh  why I cant get gift ?

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Anonymous10117322 4 2173 Anonymous31864357 04/07/2019 03:02
Cross Server

 i am  Anthony Hufs from Zorn's keep S-12  server ud1,  i tried asked several times  and why didnt i play cross server all the time ?  it been almost 2 years  what the hecking going on ? i have been patience  and waited forever with no damn response  i

4 year ago
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Seasonal Event Shop guide This guide might be one of the urgent and highly requested ones as to help you decide What-To-Get from the upcoming seasonal event shop.
As this is prior to upcoming events, I'll be focusing more on this guide for now, and extend more time later on to finish developing my other guide on "Hidden Pote...
6 year ago
Imonseph 0 945
Hidden Potential If you have ever made comparison with another player, you'd have realize that not everything found in the character's profile would be enough
to account for the statistical strength of the main character and the heroes.
As for what is more apparent, I assume you would have applied the basics in ...
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Imonseph 3 2065 Anonymous31483064 05/17/2018 02:29
Elemental Attributes Guide.
Elemental Attributes

At level 46 you are able to access the Elemental Attributes page. I know your Astral App indicates that it is level 45, but lets face it there are so many bugs and other weird things going on in this game do not expect them to fix it anytime soon. Thi...
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anonymous10565325 1 1141 Anonymous31849027 12/07/2018 01:13
Farming resources, Practical Event tips and Optimal Party bu This will be a simple guide to demonstrate the best way to farm resources in preparation for tycoon or any other events that are deemed rewardable in the long run.

This guide is in support of sevencyber.net LoA guide which his domain expired unfortunately, but has provided very informative guides o...
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Imonseph 17 2643 Anonymous31864357 03/05/2021 10:13
CS or Single Tycoon: Intro

This game involves a lot of resource management. Players that can properly use the resources available to them will generally be at the top of your server. A good majority players will spend what they got when they get it, and that is not a good strategy for this game. "Every ...
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anonymous10565325 6 3296 Anonymous31849027 12/07/2018 01:14
World Boss Guide: Basic Formation and WB Info This is going to be an overly simplistic view of what you should be looking at in WB. Mind you, you only really wanted the Coles Notes anyway.

Basic Flow of Combat:

Attachment 7960

Round 1: Your entire party will attack first. The WB will always Attack Last and the first attack will be a norm...
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anonymous10565325 5 3058 Anonymous31849027 12/07/2018 01:13
Navigation King Tips This is intended to be a quick reference to how Navigation King works.

First and foremost in my honest opinion this is the most garbage event that LoA has to offer. I would recommend you stay clear from this event because what they have to offer, you can usually get cheaper else where. The only ...
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anonymous10565325 3 1665 Anonymous31849027 12/07/2018 01:14
Welcome to LOA Little Helper by Apoc... Hello to all, i will be posting here tips, how to and much more to help the new players and maybe older players have fun in the game and learn how to play it. I will make this based on a free to play player. I will also offer some help on the famous gems set up, how to collect rewards to help you g... 6 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31917675(1 year ago)
Apoc 19 1722 Anonymous31917675 07/17/2021 02:50
Artifact Workshop Guide Artifact Workshop Guide
This feature is available to players which level reached lvl 70 or higher.
You can access Artifact Workshop icon by clicking on " Artifact Workshop" which can be found at the top of your screen.

Or you can access this sy...
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