World Boss Guide: Basic Formation and WB Info


04:28 03/08/2016


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This is going to be an overly simplistic view of what you should be looking at in WB. Mind you, you only really wanted the Coles Notes anyway.

Basic Flow of Combat:

Attachment 7960

Round 1: Your entire party will attack first. The WB will always Attack Last and the first attack will be a normal attack on the spot marked FM in the pic above.

Round 2: What is left of your party will attack again. The WB will have its rage ability and usually kill the rest of your party.

Round 3+: Depending how far you are in the server you may see more than two rounds, but the combat repeats Round 2 until all party members are dead.

It will be important to always remember that the WB Normal Attacks the FM spot first provided there is a Hero in that position. If not the WB will attack the Front slot in the Back up slot column It is best to put your most useless attack hero in the FM spot regardless of the benefits from the other Halo position. This hero is intended to be a meat shield and usually the defensive benefits from that slot is basically nonexistent. A useless attack hero will usually be a Support, Tank, AoE or Healing Hero. Never place your Main Hero or your best Strikers in the FM position.

The WB:

Normal: In the early stages of the game the normal attack can and will kill the Hero in the FM position in the formation. The Normal attack can start to be dodged with 7.5k Dodge. It will not be dodged reliably, but it is a good starting point to look at when placing a Tank or a Support character in this position.
Rage Attack: The rage attack is an extremely powerful AoE attack. The attack can not be dodged it will out right ignore the ability of Dodge Supremacy from Pandora Mail (Studied over 200 attacks and I have not seen Dodge Supremacy work once in WB). However with enough damage resistance and Hit Points you can tank a hit (possibly two depending if you have a great healer). The attack can not negate Immune to Attack Buffs.

Normal Defense: It is hard to determine how effective the WB Defenses are because Defenses and HP are scaled by the number of players in WB. Unfortunately the scaling is not completely understood how it takes place. The first Boss appears to be scaled to the number of players that are online prior to the WB starting.

The Second and Third Bosses is known to be scaled by how many players on the Ranking List before the boss dies. The WB does not scale for players that are just standing around looking pretty in the event.

I currently have a working assumptions that there are other significant factors that play into the scaling of the WB. Sadly they will be nothing more than assumptions because I can only observer and take an estimated guess on what is actually happening. I'm still trying to figure if any of these holds water. The biggest problem is that the starting World Boss always appears to be dynamic even if you have the same number of players in the event.

Assumption 1: The second and third boss adds in another factor of how many hits it takes to take down the WB. Doing the WB solo it appears that the Second Boss triples in HP when I beat the First Boss in 2 hits. If I one shot the Boss the next bosses HP goes up by a range of 3-5 times.

Assumption 2: The Bosses are additionally scaled to the number of total boosts that have been applied by each player before the Boss is Generated.

Assumption 3: The Bosses scale to the player with the most damage on the server. The reason behind that is it gives other players a chance to make contact with the World Boss.
Immunities: Chaos, Stun, Silence, Rage Drain, Paralysis, Taunt, Virgo Aegis (considered a Debuff), and *Most Debuffs.
Weakness: Elemental Damage though it has a resistance to it's own type, Skills that ignore defense, Abilities that reduce damage as a buff to heroes, and Abilities that makes your heroes immune to damage ( Supreme Dodge is not an immunity to damage).

*It is hard to tell if Damage Reductions targeting the WB Count and is still a work in progress. I would consider it to be just an average debuff, but if there is an exception it would be a great one to have. All Damage Reduction buffs on Heroes do Work provided you have Damage Reduction greater than 33% and a tonne of HP.