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23:48 01/28/2016


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Hello to all, i will be posting here tips, how to and much more to help the new players and maybe older players have fun in the game and learn how to play it. I will make this based on a free to play player. I will also offer some help on the famous gems set up, how to collect rewards to help you grow and be able to rank in some events. I do not pretend to be the bible of the game but i am a 2 years experienced player that played lollol still do} on GTArcade... I am new to AMZgames and will admit having more fun here as i have the chance to share my game time with nice players and a wonderful support team of GM.

So every week i will be posting what i have learned, i will keep a eye on this as i will try to answer any questions, this is also open to experienced player to share as well.

hope to help as many as i can and leave you with a quote of mine....

This game is like a marathon, slow and steady let the sprinters run you will catch up to them, patience and fun is key to enjoy this game and never be affraid to ask questions...

Cheeers to all...

first post will be on 30/01/2016




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People keep asking for this but they dont realise that guilds when they existed were 100% completely ignored and unused by literally everyone

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I am glad that i came to see this, really loved it. Thank you for sharing it. I have bookmarked your page, excited to see more of it! 

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