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If you have ever made comparison with another player, you'd have realize that not everything found in the character's profile would be enough
to account for the statistical strength of the main character and the heroes.
As for what is more apparent, I assume you would have applied the basics in building your character and heroes:
- hero/mount train and upgrade
- blacksmith (equipment upgrade, enhance, socket gems, enchant)
- rune training, gem enhancement
- dragonsoul and devouring
- elemental stat training (with elemental crystals)
- elemental core training (with elemental scrolls)
- angel bonding and evolution
- aegis training
- guardian angel (cherubstones)

The reason for the intriguing title for this guide will be to demonstrate how you can boost your hero and main character quickly on features that
might not be delve into much as compared to resource training conversion to BR.

This guide will cover up to 9 more possible modes of increasing the statistical strength of your main character and party heroes.
*illustrations will be added soon after self review on the guide*

1. Khaos cards (Khaos Atlas and Final Stand)

What are the benefits of khaos cards? http://imgur.com/a/N3U0T Unlike the basics, khaos cards will boost basic and advance stats of all party heroes and main character effortlessly with just a few clicks in training them. Skills effects from khaos cards may trigger to your benefit when equipped for battle in matching duels.
How /Where to begin: http://imgur.com/a/N3U0T To start off, access Final Stand and blitz a row of opponents across until you collect chest reward for battle coins (more battle coins in hot events for using all attempts). Buying epic (purple) khaos equip and legendry (orange) hero chest from final stand shop with battle coins would be the ideal way to get you started in equipping good quality khaos cards for your party.
What /How to use for training? http://imgur.com/a/N3U0T Khaos cores are NOT the resource used for training khaos cards. They are instead a resource to obtain plenty of green and blue khaos card
(with a slight chance of obtaining purple or orange khaos card) from Khaos Atlas for exp training of your equipped khaos cards
What are the best sources of more khaos core? http://imgur.com/a/N3U0T - hot events (up to a total of 50 khaos cores daily for reaching level 4 chest in final stand)
- craft master shop (exchange 10 mythic origin crystal for 100 khaos cores)
- store of luck (wheel of luck shop) exchange 20 WoL points for 100 khaos cores
Which khaos angel card should I go with? (illustration) - Victoriana (Atlas A): suited to boost agility of striker and support heroes
- Athena (Atlas B): enhance crit of main character (recommended), striker and healers
- Theia (Atlas C): suited to enhance block stat of warrior tanks
- Aphrodite (Atlas D): increases hit of main character (recommended) and strikers
- Hemera (Atlas E): increases elemental damage of strikers (recommended)
- Zveda (Atlas F): best suited for increasing atk and def of support and healers
Which khaos hero card should I pick for my heroes? (illustration) - Dark Valkryie (Atlas A): should be equipped on the hero that usually dies first in battle so that the entire party will benefit from hp heal
- Fire Queen (Atlas B): I'd definitely love to have this card on my support /tank heroes so that they can reflect damage as well as receiving a hp shield buff to protect them
- Moonlight Warlord (Atlas C): Never equip this on a support hero with skill targetting your own party. This khaos card is most suitable to be on striker heroes that will steal rage from enemy targets as well as a chance to stun them.
- Kungfu Panda (Atlas D): heroes with khaos angel theia equipped can certainly use this card in good combination of a high block rating, especially if coming from main character
- Dragon Queen (Atlas E): heroes with khaos angel athena equipped can certainly use this card in good combination of a high crit rating, especially if coming from main character
- Supreme Oracle (Atlas F): heroes with khaos angel hemera equipped can certainly use this card in good combination of a high elemental damage, especially if coming from main character
Which khaos equip card is most suitable for my hero? (illustration)

*this guide will be subjected to correction over time to provide you with the most accurate information on the topic of discussion*
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