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Siegelord closing 9h may 2018

Siegelord is closing down on the 9th of may 2018.

This has come as a shock to AMZ as we have been given 24 hours notice that one of the oldest AMZ games is being closed. This follows on the heels of felspire which was also closed by the games owners.

We acknowledge that

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Maintenance of All US Servers for Standa

My lords,


To improve your gaming experience, all US servers of Siegelord will adjust Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time on Nov.6th, 2016.


All US servers will have maintenance at server time 01:30 am (EDT) on Nov.6th. It will take approximately 3.5

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Siegelord Update for Oct 14

1. Several new events

2. Dynasty upgrade: similar to New Reign, but with more powerful features

3. More rewards in merit chests

4. New goals along with more rewards in faction war

5. A new general (Lyle) can be awakened now

6. Other deta

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Maintenance of All US Servers for Standa

My lords,


To improve your gaming experience, all US servers of Siegelord will adjust Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time on Dec.15th, 2016.


All US servers will have maintenance at server time 01:30 am (EDT) on Dec.15th. It will take approximately 

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Maintenance of All US Servers for Standa

My lords,


To improve your gaming experience, all US servers of Siegelord will adjust Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time on Dec.9th, 2016.


All US servers will have maintenance at server time 01:00 am (EDT) on Dec.9th. It will take approximately 4 h

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Top virtal business phone system

Top Virtual Business Phone System - The Virtual Voice® is designed to give you the flexibility you need to better connect with your customers and employees. With this phone system, you can select between three microphone models, one headset, and one business assistant. Launched in 2018, the V

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Hi Kitwritten,

I have another suggestion ,

Maybe the devs will think of creating and making new servers in AMZ games for IEGELORD,may be new players that will join ,can develop and rise and then a new merge can be done!

May be it is a stupid idea ,but I can advertise it in FB an

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agussssssssssssss you  are not only a cheater ,you are the dumbest player in our server! You don't have a qlue how to play the game,the only thing that you can do is throw pants and fight after that! You spent your parents money for nothing.!You are PATHETIC and FUNNY!

FInd something e

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[solved]Awakening House broken

Awakening House is not working. Gem level up lines are blank.


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world map requires lv70+ to enter how the @#$^ am i suppose to play?
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Siegelord Server Defense Force
Server 1-7 Talanora Yellow Faction of Grom

Ok Since we dont have world chat for factions lets try forums to communicate with each other befor a Crusade Invasion begins

Currently invaders are From Germany Server btde 12 nhde12 Red Faction(Invasion begins 8-23 at 15:00 Server Time)
there serve...
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how to get crystal, i cant get it from merit 7 year ago 1370 Views / 7 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31624668(5 year ago)
Hello everyone, hows ur day, 6 year ago 1139 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31624668(5 year ago)
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Absolute power campaign guide This guide will show all or at least most info you might need for defeating the campaign on easy,normal, hard, hell or epic difficulty.Thanks go out to ZoharMasni at Ravenmarch for giving the detailed information.

Easy and normal difficulty:
Attachment 407
*red circle = start
*yellow circle = ...
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Treasure simplified version. WHAT ARE TREASURES ? treasures are abilitys to make your general,s stronger in three different ways.

WHAT ARE THE THREE DIFFERENT WAYS ? the three ways they improve your generals are by 1. adding more attack 2. adding more defence 3. adding more troops.

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Upgrading your whip Upgrading your whip
Content: How to upgrade your whip with the best bang for your buck or Cost Effective Torture

Deciding whether or not to upgrade the whip you use in your prison can be a bit of a headache for the middle of the road coiner. Trying to gauge the cost with what gains you get is...
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Gem Information Gem Information
Attachment 387
Attachment 386...
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Basic GamePlay Guide 1) Upgrading buildings:
A) If you can be patient enough, following this tip will pay off in some fairly cool ways after about a week of playing. Every time your character levels up, stop doing anything else until all of your buildings are"maxed" out. Max level is whatever level your characte...
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Archduke Tela's Guide Archduke Tela's Guide

Hi, i want to write my own guide, because there are little information for many things in Siege Lord. And for the others, a lot are outdated or miss important information. I'll try to work on this guide constantly. Btw i'm no native English speaker, but even if it's terrible ...
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List of Campaign Videos Hellbound


Absolute Power

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Event tips to save some money Over the months of playing, there are some ways you can make doing some of the events a little easier for you without having to spend a ton of diamonds which can lead to spending lots of money. Obviously some events (looking straight at the gem events) are not going to be able to be done to complet... 8 year ago 1638 Views / 2 Last Post by Anonymous31849027(5 year ago)
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If the red gactioon  was clever they would never fight as they figfh now!But unfortunately the reds ,the cockroaches are DUMB!

So they fight and fight and fight and fight ,without knowing WHY!

Guys go to school,learn yopur lessons and don't behave like mentallky sick!

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Got a good idea for a forum and FB event We have noticed that the forums are generally quiet. There is not much of a reason to really visit the forums. So we are interested in players ideas for events that would be good for the forums and FB.

We are interested in forum and FB events that are going to get players interested in participa...
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Guys from the red fraction!You are so pathgetic and complaxed that you don't even emagine!yOU don't realase therules of the game!You are like cockroaches!Whe the CHEATER AGUSS is bpalyoing you are on

when he is not you are out

YOu are funny and pathgetic!Yopu don't know how to play th

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Hi guys!

I posted some questions 2 days ago in the general discusion forum and noone answer!So now I will post it here hopinhg that they will be answered!

Hi everyone!Hi Oscar!

I am Sevast from amen1 Nords Alliance Faction!

Sorry about the misunderstanding ,b

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I have a suggestion!

When a player in SIEGELORD  catches another in prison ,the caught one gas to wait untill the one that caught him decides to reliese him!THIS IS TOTALLY STUPID!SENSELESS!

The player that caught in  prison the opther can not appear the next 24 or 48 hours

6 year ago 2211 Views / 3 Last Post by Anonymous31230084(6 year ago)

AGUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 1444444444444444444444444 REDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD hi my friend!

Obviously you have some problems with your ego, and with some of your personal appearance!You have to go to a doctor!

You need a medical treatment!

If you bullie people in a GAME !You are a potent

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How to add a screenshot to a ticket or t You can add a ticket to a ticket this way


How to add a image to the forums.

Click on Image Icon

Attachment 567

Choose appropriate option for image: Form computer for images on PC / phone or From URL for pics in a website.

Attachment 568Attachment 569

When uploading fr...
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help needed

Hi why can't I spend any money .keeps say got no money but in the bank I got over 3billion any help would be appreciated.

been going on for over four days now .


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In game bugs 13th of july 2017


Today all players have some problems:

1.Some daily features dont reset: alchemy, prison, blacksmith (gold exchange blacksmiths)

2.Exploatation Event is in same stage when I finish last event

3.Expense Reward is Diamonds for Iron (I am lvl163 so corect is Diamonds for H

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Bugged improvement chencery

I need help . I have bugged improvement of chencery I have the necessary materials but I can not improve.
When I bought Anti Cavalary Scroll, an icon like Anti Archer Scroll popped up for me.
I do not know what's going on, it stops me from developing. Please help.


6 year ago 1261 Views / 3 Last Post by Krixos(6 year ago)
Reporting Bugs and issues We have a system that we use with bug reports, to reduce the amount of time it can take to address a bug or issue. This is to ensure that we can deal with bug and issue reports quickly and effectively.

Payment & recharge problems are dealt with via the ticket system. Do not post screenshots of your...
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Speed of Generals Para cuando van a arreglar la velocidad en el mapa de los generales? Es demasiado lenta... Ya va para 2 meses asi 6 year ago 1132 Views / 3 Last Post by Kitwritten(6 year ago)
[checking] Crusade entrance

Hi please fix fix Crusade entrance, is second day when we cant participate at this event. The icon became inactive in Crusade event period. Please consider to offer some compensation for this inconvinient.

DanyLord S-1

7 year ago 1144 Views / 2 Last Post by anonymous10154059(6 year ago)
Problem receiveing 2 Unicorn's Horn on W Hello guys, i have a problem receiveing 2 Unicorn's Horn for awakening Hangred in Perk Storm event on Wintershadow server, i spent 2500 diamonds on different events first 2000 and then 500 for at least 1 Unicorn's Horn but i got nothing, it is a real problem? pls help me...thank you. 6 year ago 1202 Views / 1 Last Post by Kitwritten(6 year ago)
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