Hi Kitwritten, I have a problem for more than two months.


08:49 03/11/2018


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Hi Kitwritten,

after a cross event. I can only play with 3 generals. having gold does not let me buy a general anymore. to this it adds up. I can not pay manor, ogre in the other factions, buy market, the saddest thing I can not buy iron. You can imagine how much I am hurt and look more than two months I am like that. everything you need to buy with gold. I get it that I can not for lack of gold. having more than 3b of gold. favor to solve my request. and help me I want to continue playing and I know that they will improve the faction. one more order to have if they work with another server so to know more news. Thank you

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Siegelord is the only game that matches that information and issue, can you give me the server and character name and I will report it as there has been another player report the same problem