very unfair disadvantage s7 game Castle Keep, less than 6 months ago I began.,

game for red, and red strong have my doubts if they really are red.

but I see something I think is a much disadvantage, and can not be so much daily spectrum

the player oscar is the same person as liberty, the yellow strip more than 500 ...
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HELLO!!! :) need help I got my begginer gift pack for siegelord, but when I try to insert it, the pack doesn't appears so I can't claim my gift pack. [picture] Should I try again, maybe another day, or it's better if I contact the site's support? Thx! [picture][picture] 7 year ago
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General Darius Alguien me dice como poder ganarle a Darius? Estoy frustrada. No puedo ganarle de ninguna forma... Bloquea todos los ataques tacticos de mis generales y yo ninguno de el. Aparte puede usar 2 veces su ataque tactico. Mis generales son:

Harold lvl 102
Silas lvl 95
Galvius lvl 94
Nadric lvl ...
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Event tips to save some money Over the months of playing, there are some ways you can make doing some of the events a little easier for you without having to spend a ton of diamonds which can lead to spending lots of money. Obviously some events (looking straight at the gem events) are not going to be able to be done to complet... 8 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31849027(5 year ago)
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Skill unlocks Following skills will be unlocked at certain levels

Lv. Required

3-star purple equipment wit Lv.3 skills might be obtainable from shop while refreshing the stocks
Upgrade Refine can be obtained from Mysterious Merchant
Random Refine can be obtained from Mysterious Mercha...
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@new Players We want YOU!

S1 North Faction / Blue / White needs you as reinforcement. If you like winning 100% of the Faction quests and holding Draketon 24/7, then come and join us. Even tough the Guards are quite high in Level u will have an easy start, because you will get massive amounts of EXP and Iron fro...
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Archduke Tela's Guide Archduke Tela's Guide

Hi, i want to write my own guide, because there are little information for many things in Siege Lord. And for the others, a lot are outdated or miss important information. I'll try to work on this guide constantly. Btw i'm no native English speaker, but even if it's terrible ...
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FALLEN LION campaign If you'r stuck in the FALLEN LION campaign then you should check these videos 👇 👇
Easy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sYBQpcMDWA
Hard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKamf_x1-RU
Expert https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4wMIZKm_-0
Master https:/...
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Want to unlock all the Cleric's Armor Pieces? Wan't to unlock all the Cleric's Armor Pieces? Need some help? Check the Trails Full of Thorns video guides smile emoticon

Easy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olmzvehHJKg
Normal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZunHHX_56R8
Hard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9-QLbTSem8
Expert https://www.you...
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Basic Level Info Level 31 - 40
Fog: Clearing the fog at level 30 achieves wood and food resources in the earlier stage. You will also obtain a treasure chest when clearing the fog. We recommend that players obtain the equipment chest first to obtain the yellow equipment. (Unlocking yellow equips at leve...
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Basics Terrain
Battles in game scenarios and world maps may occur on different kinds of terrain, so you can experience the mountains and rivers of different battlefields during a stimulus battle!

Four Kinds of Terrain
RavenMarch currently has a total of four kinds of terrain: Swamp, Mountains, Plains,...
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Rush guide (by request) Here is the requested "Rush" guide [picture]

8 year ago
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Absolute power campaign guide This guide will show all or at least most info you might need for defeating the campaign on easy,normal, hard, hell or epic difficulty.Thanks go out to ZoharMasni at Ravenmarch for giving the detailed information.

Easy and normal difficulty:
Attachment 407
*red circle = start
*yellow circle = ...
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Armor Information Attack Increase Attack Capability
Defense Increase Defense Capability
Damage Increase Attack Damage
Armor Reduce Incoming Damage
Strong Increase Tactic Attack
Control Increase Tactic Defense
Valor Increase Number of Troops
BeachBum - S9
Armor Name Acquired From Sword Steed Armor Gauntlets Bo...
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Gem Information Gem Information
Attachment 387
Attachment 386...
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Upgrading your whip Upgrading your whip
Content: How to upgrade your whip with the best bang for your buck or Cost Effective Torture

Deciding whether or not to upgrade the whip you use in your prison can be a bit of a headache for the middle of the road coiner. Trying to gauge the cost with what gains you get is...
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