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11:00 09/12/2015


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Over the months of playing, there are some ways you can make doing some of the events a little easier for you without having to spend a ton of diamonds which can lead to spending lots of money. Obviously some events (looking straight at the gem events) are not going to be able to be done to completion (if at all) without some level of coining. Others though have ways in which you can improve your chances of completing them/gaining more from them or from simply using your free Diamonds by following a few small tips. The following are just some of the things you can do if you choose. Alot of these will require patience, so if you have none you might stop reading now :

1) Iron Wheel - Saving your iron to spend on Iron Wheel days can greatly boost your rewards (at least waiting to upgrade treasures). On average, for every 1 million in iron I start out with, I end up spending about 1.35 to 1.4 million iron after it is all said in done (I think the lowest return I ever got still netted me an extra 30% of starting iron). I understand that there is a delicate balance between saving iron and the constant purchase of gems. Just remember we tend to have an Iron Wheel event about once every 7 or 8 days. If you can time it and maybe skip a day or 2 on gems, the rewards can outweigh the delay. Upgrading your iron mines early and visiting the world mine on rush as often as you can (even though the payout is small) can both obviously help you boost your starting amount.

2) Dice Event - Many non-coiners do not spend more than a couple of hours playing each day. For this event, simply maximizing your potential to roll more often is key. Even if you are not playing, leave yourself logged in to ensure you collect all 8 possible hourly rewards which will come with an extra free spin. Make sure you collect them before Midnight server time or they count towards your next days hourly rewards. Combined with the 5 freebies you get each day, you have a max of 26 total free spins available to you.

Another thing to consider here is prioritizing what you want. There are some maps already available on other sites forums for this game if you wish to find them. You don't necessarily need every last chest. Personally, I would suggest hitting up Vouchers of course, Phantoms are always nice (as they will stack on top of your max if you are already there), and iron. The biggest thing is getting to the end chest on each one as the Gems, Vouchers and Iron earned in those are a nice bonus. With 26 free spins, you may actually find yourself getting rather far into it by prioritizing what you want.

3) Any Event needing EXP (such as Sword of Light) - With just a little bit of patience and a little bit of timing, you can make these events much easier.

*Don't collect your Merit placement award right at reset...wait until after midnight to see if you will have an EXP event and then claim.

*Don't open your merit chests immediately for the same reason. I currently can max at 100 (although I know it can go to 150 I believe at level 118) and try to only open 50 at a time if the day isn't an event day. On the first day of an EXP event, I then have 100 merit chests to open and all of the EXP from in them. It has single handedly gotten me through the first 2 levels of the Sword of light event before, but usually will get me at least a level and a half. This will be rough for some players, but if you can do it, then it does help make things easier.

*Don't accept Duel and Seige level rewards (those found to the right of the Merit tab) until these events. The extra EXP you get from these can give you a really nice boost.

*Save some of your Campaigns to be done at this time. Again, some of the later ones have massive amounts of EXP. Same can be done for the Campaigns that offer Iron for the Iron Wheel as a side note. Lastly, the Daily World Campaigns will eventually run out. Many people fly through these daily, but for the non-coiner, the exp from them may come better serverd during one of these events.

*Lastly, trialing an upgraded whip for your prison can boost the exp gained and only cost you gold (or a few dimes if you wish to spend the ones you have saved). If you time the Trial start right, you can get 2 days worth of benefit out of it. Requires you starting it late enough on day one before collecting any prisoners (or at least torturing any ) and gathering enough on day 2 to get good value before it expires. Starting time will really just need to be based on when you play. Also, if you don't have auto torture, then saving your prisoners to toruture later can help some although it seems that you can only hold so many before the overcrowded prison must set someone free without torture.

4) Refine Event - This is another event that will happen basically every 7 or 8 days (it seems they all do really) so being prepared for it can make it pay better. Saving refines for the few days before it (whether they are the hourly freebies, from fq's or from events) so you can spam them on these event days can reward you. Even if you are not saving up, if you log in at least once in the morning and once in the evening (participating in at least one fq as well), you should be able to achieve the first "reward" of the Upgrade Refine. By saving refines for a few days you should also be able to collect a Random refine at least on the first day as well as a few extra advanced refines.

5) Forming Celebrities - OK...I know a lot of people say save your Free Diamonds (start up, daily spins and daily log in) for refining and that is an OK thing to do. However, because refines are random in what you get and inconsistent in how long it takes to get what you want, I suggest using the free dimes elsewhere. The first of those spots is in this event. They payout to diamond ratio is among the best of all the events IMO and it is extremely consistent (as in you pay this = you get this) unlike say the Dice event where coining a roll may net you 1 space or 6 spaces with no extra chests in between. The iron payout (as compared to simply using the event troops) is astounding, as is the food payout. I don't normally use it for anything but Iron, Food, and maybe Tomes. At 50 Dimes a pop, it can eat into your freebies quickly, but it is among the best ways to use them IMO.

6) Cross Server Battles (the 1 v 1's) - This would be the other place I would suggest using the free Dimes. Using them to bet on you winning, especially on any day 3 matches you are really sure about, can boost the amount of vouchers you get. As we all know, Vouchers are hard to come by for the free to play gamer in this game....any boost you can get to these will make you life easier.

These are the primary ones I can think of. You are not necessarily going to all the sudden become OP from following these, but as I stated, you will find that your payout in events is better, or at least easier to obtain, by following them. If people have other things they do, feel free to add them.