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Archduke Tela's Guide

Hi, i want to write my own guide, because there are little information for many things in Siege Lord. And for the others, a lot are outdated or miss important information. I'll try to work on this guide constantly. Btw i'm no native English speaker, but even if it's terrible to read, it might be useful for some players. Please let me know how i can improve this guide and if it was useful to you. If you didn't understand something, or i missed some important information please let me know too.

I'll just start with something where many players are doing mistakes, this is why i think it's quite useful. I won't mention the very basics, maybe i'll add them later. So let's start, what refines should i try to get:

First of all you should try to understand what the stats do and how they work together. That's a little bit tricky because nobody knows exactly. But you can find out a lot of things by try and error.

Valor gives troops
Damage gives physical damage
Strong gives tactical damage
Attack increases the damage of physical and tactical attacks
Defense decreases the damage of physical and tactical attacks
Control reduces the incoming damage from tactical attacks
Armor reduces the incoming damage from physical attacks

Keep in mind there is a minimum damage for tactical and physical damage and a random factor for physical damage. The Attack and defense seem to be percentage based and control and armor not. So when to use which stat? First you gotta know: For what? There are Guards+Scouts, Barbarians, Campaigns. Player-generals, Scenario I'll mention items with Secret-skills and even Sets. But the following also applies for smaller gear/players.

I'll go step by step, but i have to mention Valor first. It's not useless but in 99% there is a better stat. Try not to use it. If you get a item that has 3 times Valor, then you might want keep it, because you can upgrade it later on and use it for Sets. But since the Watchman-set is not very good and it's the only Set which needs Valor you don't have to. (Later on you will need it for Heavenly Rose, but that might be after playing a very long time)

You want to get as little damage as possible while besieging and farming Merit. So you need a mix of Control and Armor. Since you have to fight a lot of them and don't want to trade 1 for 1 Strong is pretty useless. Attack and Damage increase your damage, but Guards don't have very high Armor, so it's not needed. Defense is fine when mixed into the Armor and Control Gear. I use with Secret-skills: 2 Control 3 Armor 1 Defense 1 Damage against Guards+Scouts. I only use the Damage Refine because i get minimum damage. Sets with these stats are good too. (especially Nightlion, Ancient and Hippogriff)

Pretty much the same as Guards+Scouts. In most cases Nightlion and Ancient will be the best sets for this.

In campaigns it's not that important to get little damage. But you should survive at least 1 duel with each general. In most of them the enemies only use 1 row tactic attacks, so control and defense because useless. Damage, Armor and Attack are good stats there. Most of the Sets are useful in campaigns.

It depends on how strong the enemy is. Against weak enemies you will want to use the same Items as you use them against Guards+Scouts. But against strong enemies you need to deal a lot of damage to harm them. So a lot of Attack, Damage and Strong will be good. Sets like Paladin and Divine are great for this.

This is for many players the most important part because often players get stuck on some scenarios. It highly depends on the scenario. After level 100 you should google for some advice, or i might put in them later on. There are also guides for the levels below, but there is one way to beat any scenario before level 100. Even though it might be interesting too read how other players did some of the Scenarios. Maybe i'll put in some links later on.

In lower levels scenarios are no problem unless u miss important technologies. After you unlocked red items, just unlock the Secret-skills for all items on all generals (4*6 items). This already might get you past Servius. You might need to sort the items to specific generals. (see below) If your still too weak: refine some Defense, Control and Valor items to other stats. Best stat is armor.

When playing without money it's a long way to the Secret-skills and sets. When your playing with money advanced refines are one of the best investments early on to make you progress faster. The way is still the same, it's just faster. So here comes the interesting part as i believe. I did this multiple times and i believe it's one of the best ways to progress:

Buy at least 8 purple items for each slot. Only buy 3 star epic items! Any other items are a waste of gold and time. Buying all the items that are needed will take quite a lot of time. Refresh every 30 min if possible. If your spending money you will want to unlock more inventory-slots and buy even more than 8 per slot. You need more than 4 of each kind because you will have to switch items when switching between faction war and scenario. Then try to get at least one item for each slot that is useful for Guards+Scouts. (Items that only have Armor, Control and Defense) You can switch these items to another general. After that you have two options: improve this ?set? by refining other items to get higher refines. Don't use the items that are already ready to use, you can change them, since you have more than 4 items. The other option is to head directly for better scenario gear. It highly depends on how old the server is. If the Guards already are high-level you need to improve your performance in Faction War first. For Scenario, refine gear until you got at least 4 items for each slot that has no Control then no Defense and then no Valor. If you ever hit 3 times the same stat (doesn't matter which one) on one item you might want to keep it, because you can upgrade these items with the trader to unlock the Secret-skill. Even if you don't need this specific stat, you will need it later on for the sets. Then you will have quite some items to equip your ?Bomber-man? and your carry. (see below) Then use the items that are not in use to get better refines or more of one specific stat on one item. Make sure you don't refine items that you are using at the moment, they might get worse because they get other stats. Step by step you will get better items and even Secret-skills. Make sure not to refine items with Secret-skills. Items that you are especially looking for (beside items with 3 times the same stats and items with Secret-skills) are items with two times or more Armor (for your carry) and items with only Attack and Strong for your ?Bomber-man?. When you got no more items to refine on one slot just buy new one. If you don't want to unlock more inventory-slots, then you might need to give up some refines until you got some sets finished, because these only need 1 inventory-slot for 6 General-slots.

First general should be a general that hits 4 Rows with his tactic attack. If possible he should be able to block. For example Aken, Harold, Galvius. He gets a lot of Strong and Attack stats. This will make him nearly one-shot the first 4 rows. This way he can take 2 tactical attacks. This is very Strong against many enemies. Having a lot of the other stats won't help the first General since he will lose a lot of troops/rows to the enemies tactic attack. If you can get hand on a second ?set? of Strong+Attack items you can use them too. I often went with 2 of these ?Bomber-mans?. (I used with Secret-skills: 2 Attack and 4 Strong or 3 Attack 3 Strong.) If you have you can use Cleric or other sets with a lot of Strong items.

Second one gets a lot of Armor. And Damage/Attack for the slots where you dont have Armor. I used with Secret-skills: 5 Armor and 1 Damage. Getting a lot of Armor means the carry gets very little damage. To even improve this, he should be the general with a terrain-bonus who has the highest strength. (Nadric over Harold, Anders over Aken etc.) This is really important! The carry doesn't have to block and will mostly start at row 5 after the tactic attack got ?eaten? by your first general. So he will only have to take the tactic attack of the third enemy. This way you can kill at least 5-6 rows, often 7-8. When the enemy can be blocked and your carry is able to block then he should go third! (Unless your strong enough so you don't need to block.) If you have you can use Ancient.

Third and fourth generals could be a semi carry (all Armor that you didn't need for your Carry + some Attack/Damage) or another ?Bomber-man? (Attack+Strong on 4 Row tactic attack general) mostly you won't have enough gear for these, so give them whatever is left and comes closest to this. If you have you can use aggressive sets like Paladin Divine etc.

Wow, this is quite a lot. I guess only little people will read it completely. I remember i had so many questions when i started the game, so might even have forgotten some of them. So i really appreciate your feedback. I really tried to explain not only what to do but also why. If i missed any explanation somewhere please let me know.


Archduke Telaurion (North Faction, S1)




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