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Battles in game scenarios and world maps may occur on different kinds of terrain, so you can experience the mountains and rivers of different battlefields during a stimulus battle!

Four Kinds of Terrain
RavenMarch currently has a total of four kinds of terrain: Swamp, Mountains, Plains, and Town.

Terrain Effects
Some generals have corresponding terrain tactics and are more powerful when fighting in the corresponding terrain. For example, Inghild can use special tactics like "Siege assault" and "Siege attack" in his corresponding battlefield terrain "Town", which are stronger than common assault and attack tactics.

Refining Conditions
You can use Diamonds to refine yellow equipment and above.

Refining Methods
Normal Refining (free refining chances every hour) and Advanced Refining (strong effects and require spending Diamonds).

Refining Effects
Refreshes the equipment's additional skill (level will increase or remain unchanged, but will change the type of skill).
Yellow equips can have a maximum of 1 skill, with a max level of 2
Red equips can have a maximum of 2 skills, with a max level of 3. Red equips can also have 3 skills after having the secret one from refining.
Purple equips can have a maximum of 3 abilities, with a max level of 5. Purple equips can have 4 skills after having the secret one from refining.

Unlocking Secret Ability
Defeating "Ormer" unlocks the "secret skills" technology at level 52. Maxing and matching the skills of fine equipment of red quality or higher unlocks the "Secret Skill Effect".
There are two types of quests: Main line and side quests.

Smooth Processes
Once a quest is completed, you will move on to the next one.
Quests include upgrading buildings, defeating NPCs, obtaining equipment, collecting quest items, etc.

Quest Auto-Navigation
Click on the green keywords in the guide to activate quest navigation, automatically switch to quest interfaces and display arrows pointing to quest objectives. The reward screen will automatically open upon quest completion.

Quest Rewards
Completing quests will also reward large amounts of resources or EXP.
General Recruiting
General Recruiting

Unlocking Conditions
After defeating Rannel, players will be able to begin recruiting Generals.

How to Recruit
After unlocking the tavern, spend Gold to recruit Generals.
Generals are available for recruiting in the tavern after defeating them in Campaign. For example, Rannel is available to recruit after defeating him.

Recruiting Tips
Click the question mark in the game to view Generals currently available for recruitment.
Factions in Power
Powers of League, Empire, and Kingdom split the world into three, RavenMarch brings you through the passion of fighting for power and becoming the ruler of them all!

Players create characters with their choice of country and will start their journey in the corresponding capital city.
Every faction has their own mineral resources, obtain even more resources through expanding territory.
System Introduction
Every General has their own set of equipment, which can increases the General's attack, defense, and maximum troops in command.

Unlocking Conditions
Defeat "Tathmore" to unlock the "Equipment" system.

Quality Classification
Equipment is made up of six categories: Weapon, Armor, Mount, Gauntlets, Boots and Ring.
There are a total of 5 levels for equipment: white, blue, yellow, red and purple. Players can find higher-quality equipment as the Generals level up.

Shop Purchases
You can buy equipment in the shop. The more times the shop is refreshed, the higher the Connoisseur will be, resulting in a greater chance of showing high-level equipment.

Additional Skills
Yellow equipment and above have additional skills.
Yellow equipment can have a maximum of 1 skill, red equipment can have a maximum of 2 skills, and purple equipment can have a maximum of 3 skills without refining.
Siegelord, a breakthrough in the traditional strategy battle mode, launches a new progressive combat system. Players may deploy a maximum of 5 Generals into each battle. Armies will be queued before the battle starts. The large-scale formation of opposing sides will deploy waves of rush attacks. Generals have their own strengths and abilities. Players may change the order of Generals deployed before the battle starts. Also, real-time tactical combat is used for the battle system; therefore, players need to command their armies according to the actualsituation on the battlefield. Choosing the right tactics will greatly affect the outcome of the battle.

Battle Process
Change the deployment order of Generals before the battle.

Use appropriate tactics to restrict the enemy's tactics during the battle.

Armies of the warring sides will be queued in the order of appearance of Generals.

Players' armies will be on the bottom left side of the screen and the enemy will be on the top right. When the battle starts, both armies will then proceed to the center of the screen.

Both warring sides will lose their armies according to the attack and defense strength of both sides.

Each row of troops is counted as a unit. A row moves forward once the previous row is defeated, until one party has no more troops to fight, thus ending the battle.

Defeat all enemy troops to gain victory.