AGUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 1444444444444444444444444 REDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD hi my friend!

Obviously you have some problems with your ego, and with some of your personal appearance!You have to go to a doctor!

You need a medical treatment!

If you bullie people in a GAME !You are a potent

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Sevast 0 960

If the red gactioon  was clever they would never fight as they figfh now!But unfortunately the reds ,the cockroaches are DUMB!

So they fight and fight and fight and fight ,without knowing WHY!

Guys go to school,learn yopur lessons and don't behave like mentallky sick!

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Sevast 45 3166 Anonymous31956545 02/27/2023 18:37

Guys from the red fraction!You are so pathgetic and complaxed that you don't even emagine!yOU don't realase therules of the game!You are like cockroaches!Whe the CHEATER AGUSS is bpalyoing you are on

when he is not you are out

YOu are funny and pathgetic!Yopu don't know how to play th

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Sevast 2 1195 Anonymous31889271 04/28/2020 16:07

I have a suggestion!

When a player in SIEGELORD  catches another in prison ,the caught one gas to wait untill the one that caught him decides to reliese him!THIS IS TOTALLY STUPID!SENSELESS!

The player that caught in  prison the opther can not appear the next 24 or 48 hours

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Sevast 3 2111 Anonymous31230084 11/13/2017 20:44

Hi guys!

I posted some questions 2 days ago in the general discusion forum and noone answer!So now I will post it here hopinhg that they will be answered!

Hi everyone!Hi Oscar!

I am Sevast from amen1 Nords Alliance Faction!

Sorry about the misunderstanding ,b

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Got a good idea for a forum and FB event ? We have noticed that the forums are generally quiet. There is not much of a reason to really visit the forums. So we are interested in players ideas for events that would be good for the forums and FB.

We are interested in forum and FB events that are going to get players interested in participa...
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