07:52 01/25/2018


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agussssssssssssss you  are not only a cheater ,you are the dumbest player in our server! You don't have a qlue how to play the game,the only thing that you can do is throw pants and fight after that! You spent your parents money for nothing.!You are PATHETIC and FUNNY!

FInd something else where you can bullie someone we don't care about you.


I will write in all forums here and in 37 games that YOU ARE A CHEATER!




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forum ban now in place, the forum is not a place to be used for personal attacks on players.




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AGUSS14RED es un maldito hacker y el staff de administradores ni pendiente. Y tu, kitwritten, das soluciones en otros juegos pero aqui no sirves para nada.