ITS not n ormal


10:55 01/07/2018


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My friend,

Its not normal,this is a joke, a company that has a game ,that may be can bring some money jokes with its players

This is unbelievebleI don't see any reason playing anymore!If nothing happens in the next 2 months ,I will stop playing here!Its not a big deal that a player will stop playing

we lose 30 people playing ,but!This is not normal and I will think whab I will do!

Take care and have fun!




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SL is a game that is close to 3 years old, thats doing very well in gaming terms for such a small game that did not attract a lot of players and only has 7 servers.

Its not a case of making money but being player viable and why players believe that opening new servers will attract new players, we are in the business of gaming, and we have a much better idea of player interest in a game....

SL would need to attract 400 sign ups a month to make a new server viable, it had 13 in the last 6 months, excluding alt accounts