I am new... Too many heroes to choose from!!! What do I do??

Ok, So.... put everything on hold because this will be a LONG thread... there are MANY factors involved in choosing your heroes...

Step 1: Understand the Kingdoms

So you know that there are 3 Kingoms (tabs) in the Hero section.

How to see that? Go into the Heroes t

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How To Create A Mixed Kingdom Team

A lots of people have been seeing some strong players with mixed kingdom in game and wonder how they managed that. Below will just be my own in game experience and some guide that I personally think will help those players who are confused about this topic. Please do not leave mean comments below

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How to gain extra rage

A lots of people is confused about "How did this person attack in round 1?" Well, below will just be my in game experience and guides to help those who is confused. Please do not leave rude comments below

How do I get extra rage onto my heros?

1. Any hero over the augmen

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How to find a suitable formation

A lots of new players have been wonderings, where do I place my hero in my formation? Below will just be my own game experience and guide that hopefully will help some people. Please do not leave rude comments below.

Before we start...

Firstly, you need to understand the Attack

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How to build a 3 heros team

If you ever curious about trying a formation of 3 heros, well, here is some strategy that you would need to be able to build a successful team. Everything will be based in my experiences, please do not leave rude comments below.

What the team should have

1. The team must includ

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Tips and Guides for Eternal War

A lots of people is confused about what is Eternal War. Below will just be some of my experience in game and explainations. Those are the basic ones, will be posting more in comments. So hopefully this clears up some confusion ^^

Your goals for this event: To capture the "World

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World/Guide Boss Guide for Max DMG

Here is just a fomation guide for everyone if they want to deal the most damage to world/guild boss.

(See image below) Let's talk about the boss's attacking order first. Most boss usually starts by attacking spot 4 (where Aishah is standing) then their next attack would land on spot

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None-Casher Beginner's Guide

As we all know, sometimes its hard to play the game and become strong as a none-casher. Well, this is a guide to help everyone as a none-casher to pass dungeons and become strong

Knowing that we begin with with 4 heros, Nichole, Augstine, Karen and Mikeala. It can be hard to pass som

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Equipment sets

Berserker/Justice gear is typically used on characters that are providing damage (i.e. Huxley, Lucas, Aphrodite). Imperial/Warlord gear is used on support characters like Liz, Kay, and Athena, and also on healers like A'ishah. So for your gear sets, I would place berserker gear on Lucas and Alect

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How to Increase BR in The First Week How to Increase BR in The First Week?

There are a lot of ways to do it. Your position on a server though, will be greatly impacted by other players (amount they spend, previous experience, etc), but here are some of the highly effective strategies used by players
 Buy all the energy, raids,
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LoA II Icon panel

At the top right of the game screen is the mini world map with a number of icons around the sides of it.

This is what the icons are for


1) The flags

2) Game settings

3) Sound off

4) Block

5) Update 


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Having only 3-4 heroes ? Is it allowed

The answer is yes.

Playing with 3-4 heroes is a legit tactic in the game.

How it is done is that when the player creates the character, they go through the tutorial or the first six levels which is controlled by the game, forcing a player to take on mikaela and karen. W

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Understanding Attack Order and Rage in LoA II

            The Attack Order in LoA II is front to back, top to bottom, although there are Hero skills with given targeting skills example is ‘target enemy with lowest HP first’, most single target skills and basic attacks will au

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Runes of LoA II

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LoA II Heroes Affinities

In Loa II we have 3 Kingdoms where our Heroes comes from.


Choosing a squad with Heroes coming from the same Kingdom will give u Affinity Effect which will greatly increase and make your squad stronger.

The type of Heroes you pick for your squad would depe

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Improving your gaming experience and connection

Lag in games is one of the most annoying things that can happen.

The most common response from devs and gaming platform hosts, is that its connection lag.

The difference between server lag, connection lag and graphics lag is basic

Connection lag is caused by a play

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