How to gain extra rage


16:02 11/23/2016


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A lots of people is confused about "How did this person attack in round 1?" Well, below will just be my in game experience and guides to help those who is confused. Please do not leave rude comments below

How do I get extra rage onto my heros?

1. Any hero over the augment of +3 will have 200 extra rage to start the fight with

2. Rage from equipments. After reaching level 50, you will unlock something call "Enhance" in your Equipment section. Any legendary or above equipments can be enhanced after Lvl 100 *Notes: Only weapon and belt gives extra rage*

3. Rage from equipments II - Only works on Eternal Belt. After getting your Eternal Belt's refine to R30, it unlocks a special skill that has 30% change to gain you 50 rage within every auto attack

3. Attack order and Rage when a hero attacks against enemies, it will generate 150 rage for every attack and an additional 300 rage if its killed. For more imformation about Attack order and Rage. Please view the link below provided by Demi

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