How to find a suitable formation


15:40 11/23/2016


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A lots of new players have been wonderings, where do I place my hero in my formation? Below will just be my own game experience and guide that hopefully will help some people. Please do not leave rude comments below.

Before we start...

Firstly, you need to understand the Attack order and Rage. You can view it through the link below. Credits to Demi for making this lovely post

After knowing about the Attacking order and Rage, we have to consider which hero needs the most rage (usually your main damanger and healer/buffer) Those heros should be placed in the front role so they will be able to gather rage

Should I have 2 or 3 heros in my front role?

It depends. Usually you only place 2 heros in your front role (A manager and a healer/buffer) so your damanger can gain rage faster and your healer will be able to keep up the healing if its in front. A situation where you will have 3 heros in front is when you have Kay or any other heros that can dodge. Because dodge = enemy can't gain rage

Does it matter where I place my heros?

YES! Knowing where to place your hero is the most important part of the game. Usually you place the weaker heros in back role, and your damanger and healer/buffer in front role. Changing and playing around with formation can make you pass dungeons and beat people who you think you can't beat

Is there a "Best" formation?

No, sadly there isn't a thing as a best formation. But there is a "good enough" formation that you can have by following up the guides and knowing about the Attack order and Rage and play around in your formation.

I wish you all good luck and have fun in game ^^ if you need help, feel free to comment below