How To Create A Mixed Kingdom Team


22:22 11/24/2016


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A lots of people have been seeing some strong players with mixed kingdom in game and wonder how they managed that. Below will just be my own in game experience and some guide that I personally think will help those players who are confused about this topic. Please do not leave mean comments below

About Mixed Kingdom

In the game, we have 3 mixed kingdoms: Tempest, Midas and Celestial. What a mixed kingdom is is that you mix two of those 3 kingdoms together to forum a really strong team

How Would I Know Which Heros Are Good My Mixed Kingdom?

1. Firstly you have to go to "Heros" then under that you can check the "Preview" and Rec. Line-up and understand what each heros skills is (see image below)

2. Usually a mixed kingdom team contains 2 heros from each kingdom (ex. 2 Midas and 2 Tempest)

3. Understand the fact that a mixed kingdom team must include at least 1 healer and 1 attacker

4. Combine 4 heros together that you think would work the most (ex. Aphrodite, Flora, Kay, Lucas. Kay is able to chain the hero in place while Aphrodite is able to stun and Lucas is able to kill in a line. Flora keeps up with healing every turn) Note: This is just an example, please do not copy.

Tips About Creating A Mixed Kingdom?

1. AFFINITY!!! Because of the fact that this is a mixed kingdom team. It will have a lack of Affinity which, can be the weakest spot in this build (unless you are a hardcore casher). As a non-casher or not so much of a casher. I would suggest work on your main attacker's Affinity first before moving onto the rest. Make sure that the main attacker will have the the most affinity as possible

2. Squad is very important is a mixed kingdon team. View link below to find the most suitable squad

3. Understand attacking order and rage. Link below is provided by Demi




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A few facts to consider:

1) Heroes like Liz and Athena over ride any affinity buffs, their active skills are simply stronger than affinities.

2) Mythic heroes allow for far greater flexibility, as most of their affinities are item based.

Basically, if you are going to run a mixed affinity team you are going to do it with supports/healer.  Furthermore, mixed affinities have a much harder time starting.  Considering that you will not use the core DPS from mixed affinity (because you must switch to mystic), I no longer recommend running a team like this.

Build up a support mix if you want to just stack your mythic hero.  Otherwise, it's not worth it.