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At the top right of the game screen is the mini world map with a number of icons around the sides of it.

This is what the icons are for

1) The flags

2) Game settings

3) Sound off

4) Block

5) Update 

6) Mail

7) Friends

8) Rankings

9) Redeem code

10) X Server war

11) Auction House

1) The flags. Players can choose to change the game to English, traditional and simplified china, French, German, Spanish pr Portuguese by choosing the flag for their language

2) Game settings. Players can adjust settings here for video and audio. This may help players with pcs or laptops that may not be performing as well as they wish.

3) Sound off. Mute all sounds from the game

4) Block. This will hide all players in the screen

5) Update. This will open a mini window with details on the most recent game updates

6) Mail. This will contain all system and personal mails sent in the game

7) Friends. This will open a mini window showing all online and offline friends on your friends list, players can also block people on their friends list and also the most recent contact by friends

8) Rankings. This will open a mini window where players can see BR, level, Arena, guild and dungeon star ( abyss ) rankings )

9) Redeem Code. Players can put in codes to collect rewards here. Newbie codes also go here


10) X Server quick access button, will take players to X Server event.

11) Auction house. This will take players to the auction house where they can buy and sell relics

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