How to build a 3 heros team


11:49 11/23/2016


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If you ever curious about trying a formation of 3 heros, well, here is some strategy that you would need to be able to build a successful team. Everything will be based in my experiences, please do not leave rude comments below.

What the team should have

1. The team must include a healer (prefer Flora because she heals every turn and increases rage)

2. The team must have a deadly damager (usually people uses Lucas, because he rebirthes. Penn has also become popular lately within this formation because he focuses on aoe)

**Other suggestions for damangers** Lydia: Lydia obsorbs 35% dmg if it deals over 10% of her max hp. she is more known as a tank dps. She doesn't deal a lots of dmg but will be deadly if you focus on her ATK and Crit. Note: Her Atk isnt as high as other dps

Aphrodite: Aphrodite is known as the crit queen. As soon as she hits a crit the back row enemy will be stun for 1 turn. She can be really strong but also get killed very fast. If you want to use her as a damamger in your 3 heros team. Make sure to focus on her Def, HP, END and Agility

Huxley: attacks 2 of the lowest HP and front row. He isn't a popular hero in the 3 heros team. But can be deadly if build right. Suggestion: focus on Atk, Crit, Def, END and Agility

Aurora: another not so popular hero in the 3 heros team. But both of her skills focuses on the enemy with the lowest HP. If build right, her skills will be deadly and she will be able to kill

What you must build on them

A lots of ATK, Def, END, Crit and Agility on everyone. Having a 3 heros team is mostly about fast kills. Agility will play a big role on this. Also with enough Atk and Crit, the damanger will be able to knock out the other team within 1-3 rounds. Surviving is the KEY in a 3 heros team. Without each other, the team will be doomed (without healer, damanger wont survive. Without damanger, the team can't kill)


1. The most popular formation is with Healer and Damanger in front, and main in the back. Benefits: Because of the fact that healer is in front, she will be able to gain rage faster and be able to heal and survive. The damanger will also be doing the same. Disadvantage: damanger might lose HP really fast and main will not be able to do much because of the lack of rage gaining

2. Healer and main in front, damanger in back. Benefits: If its against Tempest/Cele team. The damanger will be able to survive longer and likely, with full HP. Disadvantage: If against Midas team and damanger isnt able to kill within 2 rounds. It will likely to get stunned by Lydia or Aphrodite

Those are the basic guide for 3 heros team. Feel free to post any questions below and I'll try to answer and explain ^^