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How to verify your Email for AMZGame.
Welcome to the AMZGame Email verification guide.

First you need to sign up to AMZGame at AMZ GAME

When players receive the email to verify their email account, it is the first of two emails.
To receive the second email / verification email, do the following:

Sign into the main AMZ site and...
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S12 Titan Thunder is opening at 7AM US e

Dear warriors, S12 Titan Thunder is opening at 7AM US east time on the 4th of September 2018

We are pleased to announce the opening of S12. The first server after our lastest version update.

A gentle reminder to players that while storymode and elite dungeons can be soloed, insa

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S14 Dragon Bones is opening at 7AM US ea

S14 Dragon Bones is opening at 7AM US east time on the 8th of September 2018


Dear Warriors, we are pleased to announce the opening of S14


The bone dragon thrall is considered to be one of the more powerful boss thrall.

It has a bite attack called Tear

5 year ago 27523 Views / 1330 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31975717(2 days ago)
RoG S1 opening 29th of may 2018 at 7 AM

RoG opening announcement


ALERT: Invaders from many realms have breached our defences and are massing their forces in 72 key locations around our world. The best magic users, weapon masters and archery grandmasters are needed to help booster our defences and driv

5 year ago 3562 Views / 90 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31975645(3 days ago)
League of AngelsⅡ-Maintenance June 16th,
League of AngelsⅡ-Maintenance Announcement on June 16th,2017

Dear players , 

We are very sorry to inform you that all servers will have their maintenance on June 16th, 2017 from 02:00 AM to 08:00 AM (EST), 14:00 P.M. to 20:00 P.M. (HKT), 8

6 year ago 8377 Views / 50 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31975571(5 days ago)
ROG S3 opening june 20th. 7AM US east

Dear warriors, we are pleased to announce that ROG S3 is opening June 20th. 7AM US east

We want to remind players that the servers opening are beta servers, this means that we are constantly reviewing, updating and re balancing the game based on players feedback, suggestions and opin

5 year ago 2348 Views / 75 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31975569(5 days ago)
RoG S7 opening 11th of July 2018 at 7am

Dear warriors, S7 Gargoyle fury is opening at 7AM US east time on the 11th of July 2018

We want to remind players that the servers opening are beta servers, this means that we are constantly reviewing, updating and re balancing the game based on players feedback, sugge

5 year ago 5989 Views / 116 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31965681(1 weeks ago)
RoG S11 Flaming Firebird (EST) is openin

S11 Flaming Firebird (EST server ) is opening 15th August 2018


The opening time for S11 7am, US east time


S11 is a new version control test server. This means the version is different to other existing servers. This allows new and existing players to join

5 year ago 6130 Views / 140 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31961843(1 weeks ago)
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Lentor Mansion: Some sort of Stately Vac

Lentor Estate, some sort of notable landmark sitting in the energetic tapestry connected with Singapore, unfolds it is loaded story connected with heritage in addition to extravagance. Steeped within a older of which covers generations, that industrial diamond has developed into a symbolic represe...
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The Benefits of Renting Gold Metal Detec
It's easy to become addicted to gold after you've tried panning or sluicing as methods to find it. Once you realize that you're hooked, it's best to come up with more practical ways of gold detection.

It is important to realize before purchasing your own gold metal detector that all of these devi...
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Top Dollar Gold Buyers - How to Get Top
Individuals that are searching for a gold jewelry buyer can find these companies on the Internet. This medium is a great way to locate a reputable gold buyer. It is important to deal only with this type of company so that you can get the most money for your items.

When selling your items to a gol...
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Finance Analyst Jobs in Pune | TresVista
TresVista can be a great platform to start your career if you are looking for reliable finance analyst jobs in pune. It can offer you excellent opportunities as a finance analyst jobs in pune and other cities with top guidance and support. For more information, connect wit... 8 months ago 100 Views / 20 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31915805(16 hours ago)
Best Gold Detectors: A detailed Tutorial

Golden sensors can be instruments which will implement electromagnetic farms to obtain aluminum goods left with the land surface, this includes golden. The product have been completely implemented for ages to compliment with the look up golden, extremely on aspects from where the aluminum may be t...
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cash for gold shops in coimbatore

Why us Many people recommend large jewellery stores as places to sell cash for gold shops in coimbatore although these places will give you a bigger discount on grammes and sovereigns. But unlike the showrooms, we provide more than 80% cash for gold. We are eager to grow and protect our

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Small Business Finance - Banks Cite Risk
Federal Reserve chair Ben Bernanke is upset over sweeping inconsistency in small business loan approvals in the United States. Bernanke says that banks throughout the nation are denying loan requests from credible small businesses. He urged banks to stop being passive, and start being more active, b... 11 months ago 262 Views / 55 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31915805(16 hours ago)
cash for gold in coimbatore

Easy and Convenient: Moneymax offers a hassle-free way to cash for gold in coimbatore. All you need to do is visit their branch, get your gold valued by their experts, and receive instant payment in cash.Competitive Prices: Moneymax offers competitive prices for your gold, based on current mark

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Experts' Opinion About Animal Crossing N

There are contents in Animal Crossing New Horizons, and you can do anything such as swimming, cathing bugs, change outfits and change appearance in Animal Crossing. Meanwhile, there are great also mechanic in the game such as the Able sisters, the Nook Shop that is upgraded and upgraded, but the

2 year ago 4965 Views / 592 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31975373(1 days ago)
RoG Crusades and PVP

I have a video coming for this, I will add it to the thread once it is completed

Crusades are found by going to the princess in town and choosing crusades quests. The reason why I include this in with PVP, is the world map is a open PVP area, it means that anybody can attack you in P

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تسديد قروض

عندما تقوم بتأخير سداد الديون ، يجب أن تواجه رسومًا متزايدة من التأخر في السداد ، وخفض التصنيف الائتماني ، وخسارة عامة للثقة من المُقرض أو الفرد الذي اقترضت منه.

اهميه تسديد القروض ؟

القرض الشخصي هو نوع من القروض التي  تسديد قروض  يمكن استخدامها لتمويل أي نوع من النف...
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Unleashing Digital Success with Enleaf:

Elevate Your Online Presence with Enleaf, the Seattle SEO Experts

In the vibrant digital landscape of Seattle, where businesses strive for online prominence, Enleaf emerges as the beacon of success. Beyond the facade of a visually appealing website lies the indisp

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Best Interior Design Software (2023)

Best Interior Design Software (2023)

Designed for professional home designers and enthusiasts alike, the best interior design software is a must-have. It’s the perfect accompaniment if you want to precisely craft indoor spaces, and share artistic ideas with others. To get more news about fr

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Deploy a fast and powerful VPS in second

Deploy a fast and powerful VPS in seconds

And experience the performance of our DDoS protection and fast storage solution NVMe hosted on enterprise hardware. Use the code 4JULYPROMO to get 30% off for 3 months for any service.


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Ikonic Media Solutions: Your Premier Cho

Ikonic Media Solutions: Your Premier Choice for Asian Wedding Photography in Birmingham

When it comes to capturing the most precious moments of your life, you deserve nothing but the best. At Ikonic Media Solutions, we understand the importance of preserving your uniqu

1 months ago 35 Views / 2 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31975653(3 days ago)
Creating the Perfect Wedding Timeline: A

Creating the Perfect Wedding Timeline: A Comprehensive Guide

A wedding is a beautiful and momentous occasion that symbolizes the union of two individuals in love. Planning a wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming, with numerous details to consider. One of the most

1 months ago 27 Views / 1 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31915805(4 days ago)
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Absolute power campaign guide This guide will show all or at least most info you might need for defeating the campaign on easy,normal, hard, hell or epic difficulty.Thanks go out to ZoharMasni at Ravenmarch for giving the detailed information.

Easy and normal difficulty:
Attachment 407
*red circle = start
*yellow circle = ...
8 year ago 956 Views / 6 Last Post by Anonymous31964963(1 days ago) Se falarmos sobre os vários recursos que os sites modernos de jogos de azar online oferecem, então, objetivamente, pode ser considerado uma referência. Julgue por si mesmo - produtos de desenvolvedores locais, um ótimo aplicativo, uma ampla variedade de jogos! Bôn... 11 months ago 767 Views / 105 Last Post by Anonymous31939349(1 days ago)
3 Reasons Why Education Should Continue Here are three reasons why I take on education should continue after school.

1. Ignorance is more costly than knowledge

Different people study for various reasons. Some psychoanalysis because they are yet exploring their passion. Some psychiatry because they are scared of stepping into the wor...
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RZPK essay I am a college student and I want to recommend your find. A few days ago, I found a wonderful writing of the essay Domyessay. This is a great service that helped me write an essay because I am a student who combines work and study. So this service helped me save time and wrote me a wonderful work.... 1 year ago 1828 Views / 197 Last Post by Anonymous31970523(2 days ago)
Best UK Ghostwriting Companies If you're looking for a reliable ghostwriting company in the UK, here are five top contenders that we thought have best UK Ghostwriters. All of these companies have a team of experienced writers who can help you bring your ideas to life through high-quality content. Ghost Writers UK, in particu... 11 months ago 266 Views / 13 Last Post by Anonymous31975603(5 days ago)
Upgrading your whip Upgrading your whip
Content: How to upgrade your whip with the best bang for your buck or Cost Effective Torture

Deciding whether or not to upgrade the whip you use in your prison can be a bit of a headache for the middle of the road coiner. Trying to gauge the cost with what gains you get is...
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Europe Business Email Database Bundle Sa


Are you a business owner looking to expand your reach in the European market? Do you want to connect with potential clients, generate leads, and drive sales effectively? Look no further! The Europe Business Email Database Bundle Sale is here to supercharge your marketing effort

4 months ago 253 Views / 9 Last Post by Anonymous31973671(5 days ago)
AI Medical Imaging Platform: Transformin


In recent years, the field of medical imaging has undergone a significant transformation with the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. AI medical imaging platforms have revolutionized the way medical professionals diagnose and treat various conditions. This

4 months ago 175 Views / 5 Last Post by Anonymous31975269(1 weeks ago)
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Recharging Douyin in the United States:

Recharging Douyin in the United States: A Comprehensive Guide
Douyin, known as TikTok outside of China, is a popular short-video platform that has taken the world by storm. With its engaging content and interactive features, it has amassed a large user base globally. One of the features that mak

1 months ago 40 Views / 3 Last Post by Anonymous31967813(1 days ago)
Interior Design Studio We recently moved to Poland, we had quite a tense situation in our country. We decided it was worth renovating our home. In the end we contacted this - Interior Design Studio ! Everything turned out great! The apartment looks much more expensive !... 9 months ago 159 Views / 41 Last Post by Anonymous31974247(1 days ago)
Little Ways NYC: Symphony of Exploration Embark on a symphony of exploration with soho restaurants as your guide, as we unveil the hidden melodies that resonate within the soul of New York City. Immerse yourself in a city where each neighborhood plays a unique instrument, creating a harmonious composition that captures the essence of this ... 5 months ago 1628 Views / 432 Last Post by Anonymous31975667(1 days ago)
Embracing the World of Genshin Impact: A

Embracing the World of Genshin Impact: An Overseas Recharge Guide

Genshin Impact, or “Yuan Shen” in Chinese, is a globally acclaimed action role-playing game developed by miHoYo. It offers its players a unique feature - the ability to recharge their accounts with “Genesis Crystals”, the in-

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linked here He plays more tournaments than some of his peers. - He works on and off the court as true professional must and therefore within my mind despite his fragile appearance he his and has been, at the very least within the last few 5 or 6 years, the fittest player on the ATP tour. - He is humble and in... 1 year ago 5262 Views / 499 Last Post by Anonymous31934219(1 days ago)
6 best Worldle game alternatives to solv In case you're not aware of Wordle, the place have you ever been? It is the each day word game that rapidly turned a world sensation. The intention of Wordle is to guess a five-letter word inside six makes an attempt. After every try, it tells you which ones letters should not within the word, are w... 11 months ago 442 Views / 90 Last Post by Anonymous31939349(1 days ago)
What is Cookie Clicker game Cookie Clicker is a free idle game. The goal of the game is to make as many cookies as you can. You do this by clicking on the Big Cookie and buying buildings that make cookies. There is no end to the game, but some people think that getting all of the achievements is a way to "finish" the game.

1 year ago 2228 Views / 449 Last Post by Anonymous31975373(1 days ago)
Clavon I know your expertise on this. I must say we should have an online discussion on this. Writing only comments will close the discussion straight away! And will restrict the benefits from this information. Clavon... 2 year ago 2797 Views / 545 Last Post by Anonymous31975373(1 days ago)
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choice of equipment
recently I had a choice of equipment for our company, I looked at a lot of different suppliers comparing conditions and choices. and settled on the best Now we have a new purification
7 months ago 833 Views / 145 Last Post by Anonymous31953941(1 days ago)
Himalayan trek Magical Summits As a native Sherpa-owned active holiday company, Magical Summits gives you a local perspective of the Himalayas. We stand out from the crowd of Nepal’s travel market by offering exceptional and tailor-made customer service. We listen to your needs, desires and budget, and design each holiday to... 7 months ago 565 Views / 92 Last Post by Anonymous31975667(1 days ago)
Woollyfox Woollyfox is a small Ukrainian creative handmade workshop. It was founded by mom Elena and her two daughters, Julia and Natalie. The story of our workshop started in 2016 as a hobby, but our passion for it became so strong that today we can't imagine our life without it.
6 months ago 1878 Views / 226 Last Post by Anonymous31953941(1 days ago)
[Solved]Got bug in Pet hatch IGN: LiVe4FuN server 7 Lordsroad      I was viewing my pet and suddenly an auto pet hatch was noted. I never click anything . It cost me 400 diamonds . There was no confirmation if i want to hatch pet using 400 dia. Pls return back my 400 dia and u can take away s pet which i got as s 7 year ago 1546 Views / 78 Last Post by Anonymous31962439(1 days ago)
The Complete Guide to the Most Recent Up Presentation
Assuming that you're an ardent gamer, odds are you've known about PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Landmarks), one of the most famous fight royale games on the planet. PUBG KR 2.4 is the Korean rendition of PUBG that offers energizing interactivity, restrictive occasions, and remarkable elements ...
5 months ago 325 Views / 66 Last Post by Anonymous31953837(1 days ago)
DarkClub: новый герой на русских Dark-фо

Если вы ищете информацию о кардинге, взломах, продаже данных и прочих "темных" делах, то вы, вероятно, знакомы с такими понятиями, как Dark-форумы. Эти интернет-ресурсы предоставляют уникальную возможность для общения и обмена опытом между людьми, заинтересованными в подобных делах. В данной стат

7 months ago 302 Views / 50 Last Post by Anonymous31953837(1 days ago)
Basahjeruk live
Tonton Drama Melayu Online Live Full Episod. Watch Malay Drama Online Free Streaming. Kepala Bergetar Tonton Live Tv3 Online .

<a href="">Basahjeruk live</a>
5 months ago 1172 Views / 254 Last Post by Anonymous31964963(1 days ago)
Gokyo Lakes Trek

The Gokyo Lakes Trek is a popular trekking route in Nepal, located in the Sagarmatha Nat

... 7 months ago 441 Views / 100 Last Post by Anonymous31953837(1 days ago)
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