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S12 Titan Thunder is opening at 7AM US e

Dear warriors, S12 Titan Thunder is opening at 7AM US east time on the 4th of September 2018

We are pleased to announce the opening of S12. The first server after our lastest version update.

A gentle reminder to players that while storymode and elite dungeons can be soloed, insa

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S14 Dragon Bones is opening at 7AM US ea

S14 Dragon Bones is opening at 7AM US east time on the 8th of September 2018


Dear Warriors, we are pleased to announce the opening of S14


The bone dragon thrall is considered to be one of the more powerful boss thrall.

It has a bite attack called Tear

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Changing Login from FB and Google
Some players may be interested in changing from a FB or Gmail login, to a email and password login.

It is actually quite simple, you just need to be able to login into your account so you can change the login.

First, log into FB account, then open  a page in a secon

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How to verify your Email for AMZGame.
Welcome to the AMZGame Email verification guide.

First you need to sign up to AMZGame at AMZ GAME

When players receive the email to verify their email account, it is the first of two emails.
To receive the second email / verification email, do the following:

Sign into the main AMZ site and...
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ROG S10 Shredded Werewolf (EST server )

S10 Shredded Werewolf (EST server ) is opening 14th August 2018

The opening time for S10 7am, US east time

This is a change from the planned S10 EU server as we are planning a game update before the second EU server will be opened.

It is with great plea

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Maintenance of All Europe Servers for St

Dear Lord,

To improve your gaming experience, all Europe servers of Lords Road will adjust Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time on Otc.30, 2016.

All Europe servers will have maintenance at 00:30 am (UTC+1) on Otc.30. It will take approximately 4 hours. And all the

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RoG S9 Poison Druid opening 7AM US east

Dear warriors, S9 Poison Druid is opening at 7AM US east time on the 24th of July 2018


S9 is our newest server to open after we did our most recent game update which lowered the levels and VIP levels to unlock the thrall slots. This allows players to gain thrall quicker whic

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Have Fun in Crazy Halloween Party in Lea
Halloween is just around the corner! League of Angels is happy to hold a grand Halloween Party where you will get various items! You are all invited to the celebration, so have a ball and get great rewards in League of Angels!
From Oct.26th
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Post Resurrection Blessings And Authorit

What do you stand to gain from the resurrection of The almighty Jesus Christ? Truly, the stage that Christ's coming to earth is what we will gain after His resurrection, which is the solution individuals souls. However, we also have post resurrection blessings and authority of The almighty Jes...
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Best Web Hosting Providers
Hostingfoxy is a Hosting review platform open to everyone. Share your experiences to help others make better choices, and help companies up their game. Our mission is to bring people and companies together to create experiences for everyone.  Best Web Hosting Providers  ... 5 months ago 175 Views / 27 Replies Last Post by DigitalZone(1 hours ago)
The Best Airline Deals & Discounts from

Looking for hassle-free and pocket-friendly travel from Bangalore to Mumbai? Look no further than Blinctrip! Our company offers amazing deals and offers on Bangalore to Mumbai flights. With a user-friendly website and easy booking process, you can book your flights wi

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Hey there! I'm currently renovating my study room and looking to add a wall fan for better ventilation. Do you have any recommendations for a wall fan that combines functionality and energy efficiency? 5 hours ago 14 Views / 3 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31910113(2 hours ago)
Holiday Rentals by Operator - Protect Yo
Airbnb was now regarded as the largest peer to peer hospitality service since its conception in 2008. This platform has been doing the old things by trying the new ways. The utilization of digital technology and social media in the marketplace provided a holistic user experience with regards to cons... 7 months ago 1313 Views / 340 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31943891(7 hours ago)
Google Sheets
Hi, forum friends! I hope you're all doing splendidly. I'm on a quest for knowledge about google sheets and thought this community would be the perfect place to start. Can you help me out? How does cell merging affect cell references in Google Sheets? What are some use cases for merging cells in Goo... 8 hours ago 9 Views / 1 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31926723(8 hours ago)
Tips for Hiring Digital Marketing Compan
Integrated media campaigns are not something just any marketing company can offer. A built-in media campaign relies on the combined use of a variety of marketing platforms for delivering an individual message. Although the strategies employed vary from platform to platform, their core message would ... 7 months ago 1468 Views / 405 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31943891(8 hours ago)
The most fun and entertaining game avail

Doodle Jump is a popular and addictive game that challenges players to jump as high as possible across a multitude of platforms. The game was developed by Lima Sky and released in 2009 for iOS devices and later for Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and other platforms

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Waterproofing company in Toronto
I had a foundation leak in my house in Toronto a year ago. The house began to be covered with mold. I know this is a common problem, but finding good house waterproofing specialists was not easy. The waterproofing and drain company helped me. They did an amazing job repairing... 4 months ago 401 Views / 56 Replies Last Post by Anonymous31943891(12 hours ago)
Tadarise 10 - Erectile Dysfunction Solut

Tadarise 10 tablets is a drug for erectile dysfunction, with the active ingredient Tadalafil. This chemical group originates man by fighting penis fights. This is a prescription-based drug that is available at drugstores, online pharmacies, and medical supply stores. This medicine should be u

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Experts' Opinion About Animal Crossing N

There are contents in Animal Crossing New Horizons, and you can do anything such as swimming, cathing bugs, change outfits and change appearance in Animal Crossing. Meanwhile, there are great also mechanic in the game such as the Able sisters, the Nook Shop that is upgraded and upgraded, but the

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5 Proper Methods to get a refund on cash

You can straight away ask for a cash app refund policy from other users or a refund within one week from trader. In the event that you are conned, could you at any point have a fair amount of money returned on the money application? In the event that you believe you have been misled, the merchant

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RoG Crusades and PVP

I have a video coming for this, I will add it to the thread once it is completed

Crusades are found by going to the princess in town and choosing crusades quests. The reason why I include this in with PVP, is the world map is a open PVP area, it means that anybody can attack you in P

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تسديد قروض

عندما تقوم بتأخير سداد الديون ، يجب أن تواجه رسومًا متزايدة من التأخر في السداد ، وخفض التصنيف الائتماني ، وخسارة عامة للثقة من المُقرض أو الفرد الذي اقترضت منه.

اهميه تسديد القروض ؟

القرض الشخصي هو نوع من القروض التي  تسديد قروض  يمكن استخدامها لتمويل أي نوع من النف...
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فنى صحى

ما هي اهمية الصرف الصحي؟

كل يوم ، تنتج الصناعات الكبيرة والمصانع والمطاحن تسليك مجاري من مياه الصرف الصحي. بعض هذه النفايات خطيرة لدرجة أنه إذا سُمح لها بالهروب من الحي ، يمكن أن

 مجموعة متنوعة من الأمراض بالإضافة إلى تلوث الأرض والمياه. من السهل التخلص من النفايات

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[How to] Full Screen Felspire
I've found a way to Full Screen the game since a lot of user likes this fuction, and in my opinion FS looks great at Full Screnshoot.

First you must download Maxthon Browser.
In my opinion is a very efficient browser for games, all games run perfectly for me in this browser.


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Printer Driver is Unavailable

Have you ever encountered a Windows 10 Printer Driver is Unavailable error? If so, then you don't need  to worry too much about this topic because you are not alone here. Many users have encountered this problem: hp printer driver is unavailable

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3 Reasons Why Education Should Continue Here are three reasons why I take on education should continue after school.

1. Ignorance is more costly than knowledge

Different people study for various reasons. Some psychoanalysis because they are yet exploring their passion. Some psychiatry because they are scared of stepping into the wor...
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EW combat and movement.

The natural landform of Elysian War is divided into lawn, moorland, hill, forest, mountain and river; fire cannot be released in moorland, hills and forests and prevents the passage of cavalry, all forces cannot cross mountains and rivers.

Artificial landform is divided into city, villag

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The Best Disposable Vape Manufacturers i


Vaping has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and disposable vapes have become a staple in the market. A disposable vape is a compact and convenient device that is designed for a single use and is then discarded. Ke

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RZPK essay I am a college student and I want to recommend your find. A few days ago, I found a wonderful writing of the essay Domyessay. This is a great service that helped me write an essay because I am a student who combines work and study. So this service helped me save time and wrote me a wonderful work.... 10 months ago 1174 Views / 138 Last Post by Anonymous31947451(1 days ago)
Treasure simplified version. WHAT ARE TREASURES ? treasures are abilitys to make your general,s stronger in three different ways.

WHAT ARE THE THREE DIFFERENT WAYS ? the three ways they improve your generals are by 1. adding more attack 2. adding more defence 3. adding more troops.

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RoG wings


RoG wings is a system that allows players to equip wings that benefit the player with appearance, stats and benefits.

Players will gain their first set of wings for free. There is the option for other sets of wings that will also give stats that can benefit players,

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Stuck on 92% loading ?


If players have that error at loading. Click on the URL bar at the top of the browser screen.

Type in about:config and ignore the void warranty, there is no warranty for browsers.

In the search bar, type in IPC and click on enter


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Elden Ring: a truly amazing combination

Unlike any other video game in recent memory, the latest release from FromSoftware, Elden Ring runes, has sparked more heated debate than any other in recent memory, and this time around is no exception. By virtue of its wildly successful release in the 2010s, the Dark Souls series, which is prim

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What exactly does it mean to say that so

In situations in which it is necessary to join together two distinct components in order to guarantee that the process can be carried out without any complications, a type of fastener known as a bolt is the type of fastener that is used.

A bolt is composed of its two component parts, which are

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NBA 2K22 is the fourth most popular game

Sports games are the most popular on the PlayStation 5 in the United States and Canada, according to data from Nielsen Media Research. The number one ranked game is NBA 2K22, with Madden NFL 22 ranking fourth and FIFA 19 ranking fifth. MLB (Major League baseball) is a professional baseball league

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Hace mucho que quiero encontrar un buen No hay manera de encontrar el mejor corredor de apuestas, donde tendría que resolver los problemas con el dinero. Te lo agradeceré mucho 1 year ago 189 Views / 27 Last Post by Anonymous31947451(13 hours ago)
best betting app? best betting app? 3 months ago 207 Views / 36 Last Post by Anonymous31947451(14 hours ago)
best betting website? best betting website? 3 months ago 231 Views / 43 Last Post by Anonymous31947451(14 hours ago)
What is Cookie Clicker game Cookie Clicker is a free idle game. The goal of the game is to make as many cookies as you can. You do this by clicking on the Big Cookie and buying buildings that make cookies. There is no end to the game, but some people think that getting all of the achievements is a way to "finish" the game.

9 months ago 1000 Views / 182 Last Post by Anonymous31919995(15 hours ago)
Clavon I know your expertise on this. I must say we should have an online discussion on this. Writing only comments will close the discussion straight away! And will restrict the benefits from this information. Clavon... 2 year ago 1635 Views / 288 Last Post by Anonymous31919995(15 hours ago)
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Software Where can I order the software? 2 year ago 3314 Views / 527 Last Post by Anonymous31919995(15 hours ago)
heets stick Since that time the general public turned aware about the dangers associated with tobacco a new a long time ago, lots of people have discovered stopping the particular cigarette smoking behavior hard. Companies happen to be innovating and production cigarettes goods for quite a while now. Through th... 12 months ago 1238 Views / 303 Last Post by Anonymous31939349(15 hours ago)
No events last month

Hi. Could anybody go,please, home at people in charge with keeping Empire Revenant alive? I am afraid that something bad happend to them since last month they didn't give any sign that they stil breathe...

Really, people, in last month no event, no call of duty, server time is on summer tim

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Motivation Letter

What do you know about motivation letter writing? I read a little bit about motivation letter phd at

it was interesting and cognitive for me. I got clear understanding about this kind of writing. It seems to me, writing papers is a comp

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Client base How to quickly and efficiently work with a client base?
2 year ago 3415 Views / 537 Last Post by Anonymous31919995(19 hours ago)
How to add a screenshot to a ticket or t You can add a ticket to a ticket this way


How to add a image to the forums.

Click on Image Icon

Attachment 567

Choose appropriate option for image: Form computer for images on PC / phone or From URL for pics in a website.

Attachment 568Attachment 569

When uploading fr...
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Daily events end because of maintenance. Maintenance can cause daily events to end early on servers.

If a event is running before a maintenance, do not assume it will be running after the maintenance. Check what events are running after a maintenance before spending diamonds as the developers will not compensate players that spend diamo...
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Circle Monogram Fonts Circle Monogram Fonts are possibly the classiest, most elegant way to sign something, and of course, circles are probably the cutest shape (just about everyone knows that.) Whether you are sewing your own wedding invitations, embroidering your blankets, or putting a name on yo... 1 year ago 3583 Views / 422 Last Post by Anonymous31947451(1 days ago)
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