RoG equipment leveling 2nd july update

This was a player requested system. The ability to upgrade items that were off value to players but too low in level

We have added the advance system as we do recognize that players have set and other types of items that they would love to level up.... and now they can.

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RoG base attributes

Equipment base attributes


There is different groups for items in the game. The different titled items indicate a higher level and quality of equipment, meaning the stats can be better. But it is important to note that there is different base attributes with each items.

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RoG basic panel and events.

The basic panel is to the right of the main screen.


Stronger ( top left ) will take you to the blacksmith.

Level up ( top right ) will take you to arcane crusade and elite / Insane mode, this is running the 2nd and 3rd stages of dungeons. Arcane Crusa

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RoG character status quick guide [picture]

Some players have asked questions about the character stats.... so this is a quick guide to them

Max HP: Maximum HP. This is the life blood of the player.

HP restore: the rate that HP is restored. Gems, item enhancements and skills can influence the HP restore rate.

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RoG enhancement

Equipment enhancement panel can be found at the blacksmiths in town.

Go into the blacksmith and click on equipment enhancement then on stat upgrade


This is the stars, the stones can be collected from dungeons, chests and rewards or synthed in the bottom

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ROG item quality changing.

First you want to go to the blacksmith and click on equipment enhancement then equipment evolve

As you can see, it shows me the quality it will change to, the type of stone needed and that it will give me a random stat


click on the item and it will change to sh

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Rog mall

The RoG mall can be accessed via the shopping cart icon or by using the (O) hotkey


The mall uses gold and diamonds for purchases

Points of interest include the black market where players can spend gold for valuable items. Limited daily purchases that give

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RoG blacksmith

The ROG blacksmith is located near the top of the main circle in the town center.


This is where you will do things like upgrading weapons and armour, runes, skills, making gems, socketing and even disassembling items



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RoG Thrall

The Thrall is a secondary character with its own set of stat enhancing skills and items.

To access the thrall panel click on the helm icon or hotkey (P)

Thralls need to be leveled up using the star system. They can be leveled up using other thrall cards that the player does not

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RoG wings


RoG wings is a system that allows players to equip wings that benefit the player with appearance, stats and benefits.

Players will gain their first set of wings for free. There is the option for other sets of wings that will also give stats that can benefit players,

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RoG talents english

The talents panel can be unlocked using the (Y) hotkey or the zigzag line


With a level 80 character, I had a total of 69 talent points and a cost of 35,000 diamonds to reset


Put 5 points into first 2 icons to unlock next 2 rings.

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RoG runes.

This is a continuation of the ROG Skills thread.

The runes go in the top 2 slots in the skill panel which you can access by using the K key or clicking on the lightening bolt icon above the keyboard and mouse skills


The green lines mean th

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RoG skills and basic damage

This is a thread in progress as its a lot of work to log all the skills.


Now the skills are operated by the Q, W, E, R and left / right mouse key.

They can be quick accessed using the K key. or from the icons above the skills, click on the lighting bolt.

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RoG weapons and armour Right click on the images and click on view image to see them in full size

There is 5 basic weapon and armour qualities, Blank, blue, green, purple and gold, this is for all types of weapons and armour.

When getting items and weapons, its important to pay attention to the stats as i

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EW domination

.Domination War   ( subject to change as we further develop the game )

1)      Player can join to occupy cities

2)      City can only be occupied during guild war. Counties and province can be occupied by individuals at any

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Ew labors.

Labors event is the EW version of the world boss or more like mini world bosses.

It is one of the daily events for devotion, and is more of a personal challenge than a combined world event.

The difference in EW is that you set the opponent type and as you complete each world bo

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