RoG OB S1 server, free player secrets

Ok now I have been playing ROG OB S1 server as a free player and have excelled in the server... but how did I do it.?? well saying that I have secrets is actually misleading


Now I am experien

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RoG Combat, basic damage

In rog, the combat system is a 3 level system, something that people will be familiar with but ROG has more detailed information than the majority of games.

The most important thing to remember is that the higher the level of the equipment, the better the base stats..... and its goin

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RoG starting strategies

Welcome to RoG. Now lets cut to the chase. The game is going to benefit paying players but not by giving them a clear run to the top in a couple of weeks.

The events are designed to benefit players based on game and team play, running the dungeons solo is possible but very difficult

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RoG Crusades and PVP

I have a video coming for this, I will add it to the thread once it is completed

Crusades are found by going to the princess in town and choosing crusades quests. The reason why I include this in with PVP, is the world map is a open PVP area, it means that anybody can attack you in P

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ROG Speed running dungeons

Speed running ? in dungeons, now why would a person do that ? The answer is that some dungeons have a very short timer and so the skill is in moving through the dungeon guickly.

Dungeon Fail

Now this first video is auto run, its to give a idea about the dungeon which is dung

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ROG, dealing with poison / toxin

I have mentioned that dealing with poison in the game, is going to be painful. so I created a video showing just how effective poison / toxin is.

I am using a amped character with 3-4 times the average player HP at the level of my character

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RoG dungeon running

This is a insane dungeon run solo....  insane dungeon runs are the 3rd difficulty level for RoG and generally some can be run solo, others need teams.

So the reason why I am sharing the video is not to say haha see it can be done solo, b

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