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Mini client issues ?

Mini clients fix guide


This will work with Fs and CoA client

The player needs to have internet explorer updated to IE 10 or IE 11 ( depending on windows version )

right click on the client on the desktop

Click on run as admin


7 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31483064(5 year ago)
Kitwritten 20 3178 Anonymous31483064 05/17/2018 02:31
CoA loading problem issue


this error always shows any one can help?

4 year ago Last Post by EzJayce(4 year ago)
EzJayce 1 772 EzJayce 10/09/2019 22:23
Frozen Events on 3 Servers

This is what I am getting on 3 servers now. IGN Nightwing s11, IGN Taren s43 and IGN Kieran s44. I am in the Eastern USA. Please fix. Thank you.


5 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31953765(10 months ago)
TaraRoseHaven 4 947 Anonymous31953765 01/13/2023 13:44
Shadow land error [picture] 5 year ago Last Post by Anonymous27733692(5 year ago)
Anonymous27733692 2 769 Anonymous27733692 04/06/2018 15:01
Shop Not work s60 server [picture] 5 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31470670(5 year ago)
Anonymous28780348 2 2109 Anonymous31470670 04/24/2018 01:07
can't connect [picture] 5 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31470670(5 year ago)
Anonymous31441836 14 1205 Anonymous31470670 04/24/2018 01:21
Unable to do daily events in s43 (Taran IGN) or s44 (Kieran  I do not ask for compensation.[picture]
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5 year ago
TaraRoseHaven 0 626

S66 Pydna Clash of Avatars is no letting me into the game.

my name avatar is JESDARK

5 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31470670(5 year ago)
Anonymous31350638 6 1904 Anonymous31470670 04/24/2018 01:11
Unable to logon to S43 or S44 This started on Dec 7th. I have cleared browser cache and rebooted my PC. I am able to logon to s11 with no issue. Thank you for your time. 5 year ago Last Post by TaraRoseHaven(5 year ago)
TaraRoseHaven 6 733 TaraRoseHaven 12/11/2017 04:15
Events froze in Corridor Defense for days.

Events not working for a week, or since time change on S65, once fixed in a week or two, can we get 2-3 weeks compensation.  Stuck on Corridor defense!

5 year ago Last Post by TaraRoseHaven(5 year ago)
Valentine 3 968 TaraRoseHaven 02/11/2018 15:36
Skill E frost bug gorillas do not come out Server : s66 Pydna (Europe) Character name : Priest I again do braveheart, I use frost element skill and I see it many times, when skill E frost gorilla does not appear and I change Skill E with Fire element, gorilla lighting also appear, lvl skill I fire 100, frost 101, lighting 100 6 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31348968(5 year ago)
Anonymous27537936 7 1035 Anonymous31348968 12/08/2017 17:00
Card Event Broke

Is card event Broke or bug..every time i click draw or eve purchase using gold its not working


6 year ago Last Post by Kitwritten(6 year ago)
Anonymous20356354 2 851 Kitwritten 11/12/2017 22:23
events at the wrong time again Daylight saving - again forgot to reset the game's event clocks to match the server clock
6 year ago Last Post by Kitwritten(6 year ago)
Anonymous28780348 8 995 Kitwritten 11/09/2017 20:09
Game is struck in a infinite loop


based on some other posts I can figure its a known issue is there any quick fix in existence already so can play the game? else it feels like kinda pointless to play as of now as I kept my char afk last whole night and morning I restarted pc and it's kinda where is before I starte

6 year ago Last Post by BloodySword(6 year ago)
BloodySword 1 840 BloodySword 10/16/2017 08:25
Game reset Hi hellow why i need to suffer like this my account keeps coming back to 1..i mean i already did all my daily quest,boss porta,td and everything in this fucking game..but when i logged out and cameback again...all of that goes back again..i man i need to start to finish all of this again..everytime 6 year ago Last Post by Anonymous31446714(5 year ago)
Anonymous20356354 32 1389 Anonymous31446714 03/12/2018 21:46
gold bank bug continues from lvl 116 ... to 118lvl

Server : Pydna (Europe) Character name : NOBUKO 

i m writing again about my gold bank bug  : after i passed level 115 to 116 level my gold bank rewards went down from 910.000 gold to 508.000 ... now i am 118 level bug is still there and now i make 565.000 gold ... anyone can help

6 year ago Last Post by Kitwritten(6 year ago)
Anonymous28866334 1 796 Kitwritten 10/08/2017 05:57