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S66 Pydna Clash of Avatars is no letting me into the game.

my name avatar is JESDARK

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I have the same problem and I am a member of your guild. My name is Teya

I hope that someone solve this problem, please.





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It has been reported for fixing... for me its showing as error 2811, one that we have seen before with europe coa servers
  • ===jayshan2014=== when back this COA sir????

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So with most all servers down since Dec 7, game is dead, yes?




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the game, like most AMZ games were transferred to a new server host in dec and january.....

while there is ongoing server issues with connect failed and connect closed, they are not happening at the server as a result of a server issue, the problem is with players connecting to the servers.

that can be caused by a number of different issues, not all of them can be fixed by us as they are out of our control....

think of it this way... the server is the supermarket... the connection is the road between you and the supermarket, your PC is your home... and the travel to the supermarket is the data flow.....

players tend to see 99% of issues as the fault of the supermarket when there is roadworks, heavy traffic, a crash, rush hour traffic, traffic lights not working and there is no way it could be happening with the players route to the supermarket as they can go to other supermarkets......

we, as the supermarket, only have control to the entrance way to the supermarket, anything beyond that, is beyond our control...... and players will may say that the issue is happening at the enterance to the supermarket.... its actually happening before that at intersections that will direct you to the supermarket enternace.....

players need to try and use a VPN to see if it makes a difference, that will give us more information from the players side and help us work out what is happening