Monster Item Drop Guide By Sarophin
        Here is a barely full list of drops we've found out while playing.
        All drops experienced by regular players.

        Just a little table for a better look.

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A Guide on Avatar Elements, Location and Levelling By Rosyna


  • The point of this guide is to help players with avatar-related questions such as:
    • Which avatar gives what element?
    • Where do you obtain
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Resilience (2nd Dodge or Magic Resist?) So in game it says dodge is too avoid attack but on resilience it says too avoid hit, now does that mean there are basically 2 dodges OR my guess is that resilience is an all around magic defense. Please help Im sure Im not the only one confused by this mistranslation. 6 year ago Last Post by Davidrqgamer(6 year ago)
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How Excalibur Really Works

[picture]General Information

There have been a lot of questions (and false bug reports) regarding the Excalibur swords and how they work. This is mainly due to its extremely vague descriptions in the UI. Just what exactly is "Extra ___ DMG" and "Enhance ___ DMG"?

First, let me

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CoA titles and how to obtain them

Clash of Avatars titles and how to obtain them:

Spring Cleaner           S mastery of clearing Polluted Swamp
Wolf Killer                 S mastery of Werewolf Range
Dawn Light     &nbs...
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CoA "Answers to general and frequent questions" Dear Players.

Welcome to Clash of Avatar “Answers to general and frequent questions” We are happy to share this list with you and hope it can help reply some questions.
We wish you the best of success in game and hope you will continue enjoy CoA with us.

Please take Note:

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How to be a Disgruntled Gardener - A Guide to Turnip Defense Turnip Defense Mechanics

You, your party, and a dirt path that they're forced to travel through are all that stand between some hungry monsters and a giant bouncing carrot that's apparently a turnip. Over the course of 20 waves, you will have to kill 213 monsters as they try to make their way to

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A Guide to Asura Grounds (with suggested skill sets)

Asura Game Mechanics

    - the event lasts for 15 minutes, starting at 12:00 pm server time
    - your character will be locked into auto-fight while in Asura Grounds
    - MP pots (and only MP) can be used, despite wha

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A Guide on Avatar Elements, Locations, and Levelling.

The image is a temporary placeholder as I go about reformatting the old guide to fit the new forums. If you have issues viewing the image right click the image and either: save it or open it in a new tab to be able to zoom in.


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A Mini Guide on Using Valor Properly

(For an extremely brief summary of this first post read the second post)
Let me start by saying this right off the bat:

Valor does not simply double your damage output.

Skill description:


Seems like a pretty straightforward descript

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Pillaging 101: How to get the most out of Goblin Goldfield

Goblin Goldfield Mechanics
The point of Goblin Goldfield is to kill as many goblins as you can within 2 minutes. Each goblin has 5 HP has all damage reduced to 1s will instantly respawn somewhere on the map when they die and will not attack you. Every goblin you kill increases the amount of g

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General Support Megathread This thread will be mainly used for general questions related to the game or possible issues that are players facing.
Rather then creating a thread for every single question you can ask it here.

For any high priority issues - like certain features not working , server is down or you aren't able to...
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How to file a ticket - get your issue resolved quicker Hi all,

It has come to our attention that a few players are getting confused with how to lodge a ticket, or are completely unaware of what a ticket is.

To access the ticket system, you can simply go here, or you can follow the below directions starting from amzgame.com.

Attachment 7193

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Playing FB CoA in full screen. Players have been asking for ways to play FB app games in full screen.

Here is a few tricks I use.

This is the FB app link for FB https://apps.facebook.com/clashofava...=0&fb_bmpos=_0
Then I go to http://www.amzgame.com/
and instant full screen ( sometimes players may need to click on the small w...
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